Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mother's Day (May 13, 2006)

In honor of Mother's day, I got a great present! We found out we are getting a new baby sometime in the beginning of the year! :) I am currently 6 weeks pregnant with Baby #8. The children are THRILLED. I made the neatest announcement of the baby... I took all the newborn photos (in the little baby burrito), and the photo of my oldest two getting their citizenship papers (they were adopted in Ukraine 7 years ago), and put them in a circle around Eric and I. Then put a blank one with a ? and the due date... it was beautiful. I have mailed one to my mil and mom... I cannot wait to hear their reactions. I'll try to upload it later . Like I said, I am new at this!

I also wanted to share something I wrote for Mother's Day... hope you like it!

What I love about Being a Mama:
I love the little girl giggles as they are playing house.
I love the silly meals we have, where everyone needs to make up a haiku, or speak in rhyme or something.
I love the softness of little baby feet which have never been walked on.
I love when the babies are crying and only Mama can quiet them. (And I am the Mama!)
I love listening to the silly songs the children make up.
I love having my little girls dress up in ballerina costumes and dance to classical music.
I love listening to my children practice their instruments.
I love the perfection of a newborn baby's fingers.
I love reading a book and giggling about the things that happen. (I almost didn't make it through McBroom's Wonderful One Acre Farm... the children brought me Kleenex so I could continue through the laughter!)
I love embarrassing my boys by kissing their Papa. I love that they will grow up knowing that their parents love each other.
I love that we have enough children that picking up their ages will get 44 items put away.
I love nursing a baby in the middle of the night when the house is quiet, and I have all the time in the world to snuggle them.
I love watching my big children play volleyball, football, or Frisbee in the fading summer evenings.
I love hearing the children yell, "Papa, Papa!" when their papa comes home from a long day at work.
I love watching the little children try to keep up with the big ones.
I love how a 3 year old talks, and mispronounces words.
I love seeing my big 12 year old son carrying his baby brother.
I love seeing my husband wrestle with the boys.
I love seeing my 13 year old daughter giving the little ones pony rides.
I love snuggling a toddler after a long day. Well, I just love snuggling a toddler!
I love having a 15 passenger van so we can drive the kids and their friends all at once.
I love watching strangers at the store get huge eyes as they count all the children.
I love having teenagers. Really!
I love that I have a large family.
I love teaching my children, and seeing their eyes light up at understanding something new.
I love a newborn baby burrito. Their sweet cheeks and wonderful smell.
I love that my children are the brightest, best, and most beautiful in the world.
I love a positive pregnancy test, and all the hope it contains.
I love that 7 children call me Mama. Not Mom, or Mommy, but Mama. The most perfect name in the world.

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