Friday, March 27, 2009 Giveaway

If you head over to Cheap Vegetable Gardener you can sign up for a drawing to win a year of the Grow Veg program I talked about last week! I was excited to find this blog... I have so much to learn about gardening.

Gratuitous Family Post

All of you who come from other places, and don't care about photos of my kids... keep on surfin'... for those of you who DO want to see some photos: here are a couple from the past week or so.

Bethany is growing up:


The following two photos are from Josiah's Birthday. We have a family tradition to play "Hide and Go Seek Dark" on birthdays around here... it is as it sounds. We turn off all the lights and play hide and go seek. When we lived in a neighborhood it was a bit easier... now it is REALLY dark when we do this.

Josiah was the winner this week. Here was his hiding place. Eric never found him:

Josiah's Hiding Place 2

Josiah's Hidint Place

He was a bit sore after hanging out there for so long. Haha.

Garden Club Friday! 3 / 27 / 09

Welcome again to another week of the Garden Club! I have been enjoying reading what is happening with everyone's seeds, plants, plans, etc! It has been so much fun!

Be sure to check out Ky Hills if she links to us this week... her husband is the Garden Expert for our area (Kentucky Tennessee line), and I am so glad she is giving us his "cliff notes" for what to do, when. I am also hoping to see some pictures of what her broccoli looks like... mine seems a bit small to be sending out next week!

In my progress this week, I finished transplanting all the cold weather crops and have totally maxed out my growing shelves. Here are some photos. Anyone know if these look right? KY Hills Mama? Anyone?



My cabbage and cauliflower photos didn't show up correctly.

And get a load of this: Here is a photo of my tomatoes started in those jiffy presto add water and watch them grow pots:


And here are some plants which I planted THE SAME DAY AS THE OTHERS, only in the jiffy seed starting soil:


I made my own little growing pots out of newspaper when I ran out of peat pots. You can read about it here.

And it rained and rained and rained for days. This has put a damper on my plans to get out in the gardens and get them weeded, etc. and ready to get the cold weather plants put in. Hopefully it will dry out sometime and I can get to that.

I also have some cucumbers, cantaloupes, and watermelons started. Oh I cannot wait to taste the fresh produce!!! I am so hungry for grapes and cantaloupes... tomatoes and cucumbers... yum, yum, yum.

I look forward to reading what all you have done this week! Add your post to the Garden Guru at the bottom, and please link back here so others can find us.

Happy Gardening!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mercy's Progress on Propranalol

Mercy continues to make incredible progress on the propranalol. Watching this happen is just amazing.

Here is March 3, before propranalol:

Here is March 24... just three weeks later:

Here is a front on version of how much the hemangioma is reduced. Those of you who don't know her personally will not appreciate how flat it is by comparison, but those who see her all the time... be ready to be amazed IRL.

Thank you for all your prayers. It seems that this drug is the miracle God is going to use to help heal Mercy. Isn't it amazing?!?!

Guess What I Made?

Yesterday I had the time to finish transplanting the last of the plants into larger pots. Unfortunately I was about 15 pots short, so I made my own out of newspaper! You can see the video here on how to do it since I cannot figure out how to embed the video. Mine don't look as nice as hers, but they will work well and it was free!

Head over to Ship Full O'Pirates for more Homemade tips!

Hello Out There...

Hello my friends!!! I am sorry for the lack of posting to the blog lately... Here's a summary of our doings around here:

- We are finally over the rotavirus plague, AND the cold / cough / croup plague. Here's to all of us feeling good at the same time!

- My parents are visiting from Virginia this week. They go back home tomorrow. Grama is spending lots of time reading to the kids, and Grampa is helping build a tree fort with the boys.

- Mercy is looking GREAT! I'll try to post photos soon, but thought I should just get an update while I have the time. Next to her ear is MUCH flatter... it used to be the depth of cupping a baseball, and now it is nowhere near that. I think it is over 50% flatter.

Have a great day! Sorry for the quick updates lately!