Friday, March 13, 2009

Mercy's Progress on Propranalol

We have been seriously busy with the plague the past week or so, but yesterday we had a moment to breathe and noticed that MERCY'S HEMANGIOMA LOOKS GREAT! This is amazing since she only had 9 doses (3 days) then we needed to stop them due to her getting rotovirus at the hospital. BUT THE HEMANGIOMA CONTINUES TO CHANGE FOR THE BETTER!!! Here are photos from March 3 - the day before we started the propranalol.

And this was last night:

Can you just imagine how excited we are?!?! This morning it even looks flatter than these photos... wow. I'll keep everyone posted

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Garden Club Friday - 3/ 13/ 09

I don't know about you all, but it's snowing right now in southern Kentucky. But that doesn't have to stop the Garden Club!!! How does your garden grow this week?

My plants have had to grow mostly unattended this week. I was in the hospital with Mercy until Monday late afternoon. On Tuesday I got the broccoli transplanted, but then Mercy needed to return to the hospital for another 24 hours of IV fluids. We got out Wednesday afternoon, but Bethany got sick that night. I have been holding her ever since... I am typing this one handed with my left hand. It's not an easy task!

So I never got all the plants transplanted, nor did I start the seeds for this week... but those can wait. I have a sick baby to hold. I look forward to reading about all your productivity!

And pass the word! Anyone can Join the Club! Just put your link into the Garden Guru's spot and then we can see what you have done, or planned, or just plan not done... this week. Don't forget to link back here so others can find us!

And head on over here for other Frugal Friday ideas!

Plague Update 3/ 12/ 09

Mercy's on the way up... Bethany's officially sick. So far we are keeping her hydrated enough to stay at home, thankfully. I am exhausted, but glad to be here instead of a hospital, even if all I can do is hold Bethie.

To the local readers... thanks for the offers of help. We are doing fine... I have a freezer full of frozen meals, and I grocery shopped last week before going to the hospital with Mercy. Eric is still healthy, so he has been able to do little runs as needed. I really think that anyone not NEEDING to interact with us should stay away! Maybe then we will not pass this on... I love to share, but I'd rather it not be illnesses,thank you.

In other news... it's snowing. The kids are excited. I am glad that they don't know that public schools get the day off... I'd much rather take off for nice days when the kids can be outside...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More Updates... 3/ 11/ 09

Sorry to have hijacked the blog once again to do a mass update, but I am sure all of you not involved in our personal lives will understand... this is just the easiest way to let everyone know what's going on.

We arrived home on Monday afternoon at about5:30. By Tuesday afternoon it was apparent that Mercy was not doing well. She had not kept more than a couple ounces down since leaving the hospital, and had not had any wet diapers except for the couple diarrhea ones. So at about 5 we took her into the ER in our little town.

We ended up spending the night in one of the ER rooms last night, with her hooked yet again to an IV. So this was day 7 of 8 in the hospital for Mercy and I. Sigh.

We went home at about 2:30. Mercy seems much better, and is able to eat a little and drink some gatorade. She seems to be coming out of it. Unfortunately, by 4:30 Bethany started throwing up, and hasn't kept anything down since then. We have a prescription for dissolve able Zofran, but I didn't fulfill it this afternoon, figuring to only do it if Mercy needs it. I'll get it filled first thing in the morning and work on getting Bethany re-hydrated.

To top it off... I am nauseous also. So I jumped on the Zofran train (I had some left from the pregnancy), and just went ahead and took some. There is no way I can get sick too. Eric was supposed to go to work tomorrow, but he is taking the day off to be sure to be here to help out. Phew.

It seems that we have had one "crisis" after another since the beginning of the year. I am ready for life to slow down. Please keep us in your prayers... and whatever you do... stay away from us. I'd hate to be the cause of a Rotavirus Plague sweeping Cumberland County.

When I have the ability to think straight again, I'll go back to posting profound and interesting thngs. But I doubt you are interested in hearing about how many times I cleaned up throw up, diarrhea, told the kids to NOT TOUCH ANYONE OR ANYTHING, and for pete's sake stop eating each other's food.

Sigh. I think it's a losing battle, but I sure hope we can avoid other sick children, and definitely can avoid more days in the hospital. I appreciate every prayer you all have the time to offer on my behalf. At 5 days per person sick, it may be a long, long time before I do anything besides drive through the pharmacy window. Or even more... get them to deliver it home. They do things like that when you live in a small town. Gotta love that.

Monday, March 9, 2009

We're home

'Nuff said. :)


I am excited, but not nearly as happy as Eric will be in a few hours when he hears that we have really been discharged and are on our way home. Thanks for the prayers. Turns out Mercy has Rotovirus, so we will still be quarantined at home for a few days. But she has perked up some and is looking better.

On the propranalol side, we stopped it while she was sick. We got the full doses which they needed to monitor, so after she is fully better we will resume the propranalol. Amazingly, it did seem that in the short time she was on it that the hemangioma did look better. We'll see what happens when we get back on it!

I am ready to get home... hopefully she can continue to improve!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

One Good Thing about Today

Well, Mercy is still sick, so we are still cooped up in the hospital. Boy am I itching to get into my garden! (Hey guys - if you read this will you check on the water in my seed trays?)

BUT - I did realize one benefit. I totally get to miss the daylight savings transition... you know - the one where all the children are up by 5:00 a.m. for several days after we change the time each spring?

So I have to deal with diarrhea diapers, but not lots of cranky, over tired kids.

I have to find SOMETHING good about this deal!