Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Garden Club Friday - 3/ 13/ 09

I don't know about you all, but it's snowing right now in southern Kentucky. But that doesn't have to stop the Garden Club!!! How does your garden grow this week?

My plants have had to grow mostly unattended this week. I was in the hospital with Mercy until Monday late afternoon. On Tuesday I got the broccoli transplanted, but then Mercy needed to return to the hospital for another 24 hours of IV fluids. We got out Wednesday afternoon, but Bethany got sick that night. I have been holding her ever since... I am typing this one handed with my left hand. It's not an easy task!

So I never got all the plants transplanted, nor did I start the seeds for this week... but those can wait. I have a sick baby to hold. I look forward to reading about all your productivity!

And pass the word! Anyone can Join the Club! Just put your link into the Garden Guru's spot and then we can see what you have done, or planned, or just plan not done... this week. Don't forget to link back here so others can find us!

And head on over here for other Frugal Friday ideas!


  1. Oh how I pray that your family becomes well, soon!

    And I agree, all that gardening stuff can wait--time to care for your little one!

  2. This is fun - thanx for putting it together! Accountability too - Gotta love that! :O)


  3. Got my seeds, now I need to get to work!

    I am praying that your family gets back to health quickly.