Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Randomness for February.

Just some random photos from the last month...

Our cow Domino. She'll hopefully have a baby in September which the children have already named Checkers.

And here's a recent one of Bethie... note the footwear. And the wires coming out of the jammies. She is now up to 3 apnea episodes at night, and 3 times of her heartbeat dropping low. Still no word on what is going on with her.

And here is Samuel learning to read. He's such a genius.

And absolutely adorable to boot.

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Guest Blogger: EP

In honor of this daughter of ours turning 17 last week, and the young men who are sure to be knocking on our doors in the not so far future...

Eric decided to send a few shots downrange.

Just thought all you young men may want to know.


i heart faces : Hands On

I love, love, love baby hands. And feet. And necks. And... well, just about anything to do with my sweet little babies.

The challenge this week was to get a picture of hands... there are a lot of entries over there, so I am sure that there are lots better photos, but I sure do love my sweet little Sam and his sweet little hands.