Hemangioma, Propranalol, and PHACE Syndrome

Many of you come here linked by searches for Hemangioma and Propranalol.  Here is a page of my posts on Mercy.  These are summary posts... you are welcome to read back and get specifics, or just look at these.

May I say that Propranalol is a very serious drug, and request that if your doctor is proposing starting it with your child to PLEASE do so as an in-patient procedure?  The heart needs to be followed very, very closely.  For more information you can call the Hemangioma and Vascular Anomalies Clinic at Cincinnati Children's Hospital and talk to Dr. Denise Adams.  Please, for your child's sake, do some researching.

Now for my links:
The Growth of the Hemagioma

After One Year on Propranalol

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