Saturday, April 11, 2009

This Life I Live

IVL Media has started a new special for all of you! If you enter into the site at: and type in the coupon code TLILWBV (All Caps), you can get the video for $12.75! That's a great deal for a nice movie.

Go to my Giveaway page and enter... you really don't need to make up the haiku or anything... just leave a comment and you're entered!!! If for some reason you cannot leave a comment, e-mail me and I can enter you manually. There aren't too many entries! You have a great chance of winning!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Garden Club 4 / 10 / 09

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I'd like to say that we have had a productive week in our garden, but that would be a big fat lie. ;)

We have two garden areas. One which was last year's garden, so I know it is good soil, etc. The other area has three raised beds made out of cedar trees the electric company kindly cut down under our lines, and compost and hay from our own animals. I am not sure this experiment will work or if it will burn the plants, etc.

So last week I just planted 32 broccoli in the new garden. Rain came before we could put a fence around it, then Eric's work schedule made it impossible. Unfortunately something found my 32 little plants and ate them. :( Probably a family of bunnies. Thankfully I still have 40 plants in the other garden. And there is always the fall.

Our spinach and lettuce is growing great! We were able to have salads all week from our harvest. I planted that last fall and it never grew until now! But it is so good!

Our transplanted, established strawberry plants are looking great. Still haven't seen growth in the plants we were given.

That's all that's going on this week in the gardens. Hope you all have more to report than I do!

Don't forget to link back here and spread the word... I love reading about all your gardens, and your tips!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


I had the privilege of watching a great video documentary about the Huron family called, "This Life I Live." It was produced, filmed, and directed by one of my friends and her family. Go check out IVL Media. They have this totally awesome intro video on their site... it's worth going and seeing!

Our family watched "This Life I Live" on Sunday, and we loved it! What a beautiful family with a beautiful spirit. The Hurons have 12 children, 2 with disabilities. Angela said her favorite part was how they all worked together to help each other out. Josiah also liked how their faith was strong even through hardships.

Matt liked how God provided for their needs. Anna loved how they enjoyed each other. I liked their table and how they set it... Eunice - was that special for the video or do they do that every day? Yeah, I am a spiritual wimp.

The movie was enjoyable, and strengthened my faith.

I have the ability to give one DVD of the movie away to one of you beautiful online friends!!! Here are the rules:

1) Go visit IVL Media's page and let me know what was your favorite part of their opening video. Leave a comment. You will be entered once.

2) Link to us at your blog (and let us know the link so we can visit too!) and you
will be entered again.

3) Make up a haiku about how much you would love to win this wonderful, uplifting video, how great the IVL Media is, or whatever you think relates to this contest, and I'll give you 5 entries.

4) If your Haiku makes me spit out my coffee all over the laptop, I'll give you an extra entry. ;) I love a good laugh.

I will close all entries and draw a winner on Monday. I know better than to tell you a specific time. I do have 9 children, you know. So get your entries in early!!!

If you are not feeling creative (to stack the drawing with a haiku), let the IVL Media Moguls know you are my friends, and they will give you a discounted rate on flat out buying one. (* I have just been informed that they have generated a coupon code just for us to use... I'll get it to you as soon as I have it!)

Have fun, and check IVL Media out!

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My latest project

Sorry for not writing sooner... this week has been crazy with reaping what I have sown. I had not corrected school for, well, quite a while... I decided to do so on Monday. We are still trying to fix and catch up. So excuse me while I spend day #4 sitting at the kitchen table with children getting them to do what they should have done weeks ago.

Besides that, I have been also working on something else:

I know I'm number ten,
but the fact you can't deny
is that God, Almighty Giver
is the Author of my life.

My soul is no less special,
and my spirit no less great
than those who came before me --
be they one, or six, or eight.

So many eyes are blinded
by the whispers of this world--
to them, there is no miracle
in a human life unfurled.

A baby's just a plaything,
a burden, or a chore.
and we must proceed with caution
to prevent too many more!

Only a fool would trust the Lord
to give and He desires
ad live a life of trust in Him
whatever that requires.

A new car may be exciting,
a new house may be a prize,
but my new life is better
than any thing that money buys.

So all the world may roll their eyes
when ten now they see --
But I can't wait until I meet
the "fools" who welcome me.

-- Author Unkown --

Due Date: Sept 23.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What to do when you are overwhelmed...

They’re expanding a road in my town. It’s a big deal around these parts. After all, we only have one stoplight in our entire county. They want to straighten out the road some, bypassing the town and the ensuing stoplight. Because it holds traffic up, you know...

To read the rest of the article, head over to Happy to be at Home. I'm supposed to link to this each week, but I forget. Sorry!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Some Nathan Funnies

Nate is really funny these days... he's 4.

The other day we were talking right after we bought the fruit trees. He said, " Mama - I think you should buy a hot dog tree. Will you buy me a hot dog tree?"

Sure Nate. Next time I see a hot dog tree I'll buy it.


Nate: What is that SMELL?
Me: I just changed Mercy's diaper. You probably smell poop.
Nate: It sure smells foul.


I was on the phone last night, and all the sudden I hear Nate yell, "Stop it you hypocrite!"

Don't know who was messing wit him, nor what was going on. I was laughing too hard to even go in the room to find out.


That boy is a piece of work. ;)