Friday, April 10, 2009

Garden Club 4 / 10 / 09

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I'd like to say that we have had a productive week in our garden, but that would be a big fat lie. ;)

We have two garden areas. One which was last year's garden, so I know it is good soil, etc. The other area has three raised beds made out of cedar trees the electric company kindly cut down under our lines, and compost and hay from our own animals. I am not sure this experiment will work or if it will burn the plants, etc.

So last week I just planted 32 broccoli in the new garden. Rain came before we could put a fence around it, then Eric's work schedule made it impossible. Unfortunately something found my 32 little plants and ate them. :( Probably a family of bunnies. Thankfully I still have 40 plants in the other garden. And there is always the fall.

Our spinach and lettuce is growing great! We were able to have salads all week from our harvest. I planted that last fall and it never grew until now! But it is so good!

Our transplanted, established strawberry plants are looking great. Still haven't seen growth in the plants we were given.

That's all that's going on this week in the gardens. Hope you all have more to report than I do!

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