Saturday, April 18, 2009

Friday, April 17, 2009

Garden Club Friday 4/ 17 / 09

Again, the weather has been bad in Kentucky. Too bad to do more than just check on our garden, not quite time to plant the warm weather crops yet.

My garden so far has been failing, though. I doubt that my cold crops will make it... my broccoli had all but one leaf die. My cabbage might make it but is still really small. My peas, spinach, and lettuce we planted a couple weeks ago have not sprouted yet.

We have been eating salads from the lettuce and spinach I planted last fall, so all is not a total loss.

I am looking forward to seeing how well your gardens have gone! Hopefully better than mine! I hope to have good weather next week to plant our warm weather things. Stay tuned! I'll keep you posted.

I am posting this via my scheduled ghost writer since I am enjoying myself at the Cincinnati Homeschool Convention. If something doesn't work with Mr. Linky... please just leave your link in the comments section. I'll be back in living color next week.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bible Memory

I thought I had posted about this already, but with the Bible Bee registration ending soon (EVERYONE should register their children!!!), I thought to re-run this post. Then I couldn't find it, so maybe I only THOUGHT I wrote about it. Anyway....

Quite often we go through a topic, and pick out all the verses we can find on that topic. This week we have researched what the Bible says about arguing. We write down all the verses on paper and add them to our Bible notebooks.

Then we pick 5 special ones. We put them on index cards. On the front of the card they write out the whole verse. On the back of the card they write the first letter of each word. So the verse, "Do everything without complaining so that you may become blameless and pure, children of God." says, "Dewcstymbbap,coG." This helps to remind the children what the words may be.

We add a colored index card stating the topic to our ring, then add the other cards behind it. They now have a way to review their memory verses.

When they have a problem with a certain character quality, and need extra work on it, they get to add another verse or two to their ring and memorize it.

This is something that Works for Me! And PLEASE! Go check out the Bible Bee before registration closes on April 30th!!!

[People who live near us IRL... we are going to be having a Wednesday night class at church for those children preparing for the Bee... sign them up!]

The Stink on the Happenings Around Here

We have been having another rough week health wise around here. We went all year without a single illness and then we get Mercy on a medicine she cannot take while sick... and we have been sick for 6 weeks!!! First rotavirus, then croup, and now RSV. Beth and Mercy are still coughing. Bummer.

Other than that, our only excitement happened yesterday. My wonderful, awesome husband had to leave for work at 6 in the morning. He got up before 5 to be able to take a run before work. Our dogs LOVE running with him. So they all headed off to the river. As they were going, Eric saw something waddle across the road. He couldn't figure out what it was... too big for a rabbit, too slow for a cat.

One of the dogs chased after it, and just as Eric came even with them he realized it was a SKUNK!!! And the dog got sprayed. Eric got caught in the crossfire... he said it was like when you spray a room with deoderizer and there is a fine mist settling. He ran through it at about knee level before he was even able to synthesize what was going on.

As if that is not bad enough, without knowing what had happened while his Papa was out, Josiah was wearing this shirt when Eric got home.


He said Eric stank (stunk?) so badly that both their eyes were watering. No one else was up yet. But when Angela came down in the morning, she said the upstairs bedroom smelled really strongly like skunk.

This is what I saw when I took a shower yesterday...


We are chalking this up to a, "If it will be funny later, it is funny now" event. It SURELY will be laughed at for years to come, so we have been laughing all day about it.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

We have a Winner!!!

We had several people enter the video giveaway, but unfortunately can only have one winner... remember the rules? Leave a comment is one chance, write a haiku get 5 more, and if you wrote one that made me laugh, you got another? The only person to write a funny one was Lady Why, and wouldn't you know but the funny vote was #11 on my list and chose #11!!! So LADY WHY is our winner!!! Just goes to show you that having a funny bone is a winning combination! E-mail me with your address Lady Why, and I'll get your video out to you. But I warn you, if I cannot get it out tomorrow it'll be next week as I will be at the Cincinnati homeschool convnetion from Thursday to Saturday.

And speaking of funny bones... the seriously funniest thing to happen to the Petersons in recent years happened this morning... stay tuned for what it was. I am still working on the post between the giggles. It definitely falls in the realm of "If it's going to be funny later it'll be funny now." And involves tomato sauce. Any ideas on the adventure?

Head over to Lady Why and congratulate her for her winning Haiku!!!

Weddings and sunshine
The promise of happy days
of endless laundry.