Tuesday, April 14, 2009

We have a Winner!!!

We had several people enter the video giveaway, but unfortunately can only have one winner... remember the rules? Leave a comment is one chance, write a haiku get 5 more, and if you wrote one that made me laugh, you got another? The only person to write a funny one was Lady Why, and wouldn't you know but the funny vote was #11 on my list and random.org chose #11!!! So LADY WHY is our winner!!! Just goes to show you that having a funny bone is a winning combination! E-mail me with your address Lady Why, and I'll get your video out to you. But I warn you, if I cannot get it out tomorrow it'll be next week as I will be at the Cincinnati homeschool convnetion from Thursday to Saturday.

And speaking of funny bones... the seriously funniest thing to happen to the Petersons in recent years happened this morning... stay tuned for what it was. I am still working on the post between the giggles. It definitely falls in the realm of "If it's going to be funny later it'll be funny now." And involves tomato sauce. Any ideas on the adventure?

Head over to Lady Why and congratulate her for her winning Haiku!!!

Weddings and sunshine
The promise of happy days
of endless laundry.


  1. So happy to find your blog....Will be back to read more. Hope you will stop by and visit me.

  2. Yippee!!! I never win contests so this is a special thrill! And, I'm so excited to win THIS! I know we'll love the video. Thank you so much for the contest!!

    I emailed you all my information.

    Today is a special day to win since it's my 2nd daughter's 16th birthday. She is especially excited to win the video so you've given her a delightful birthday present. Thanks again!!!