Monday, January 12, 2009

Ways to cut down on laundry...

Want to know my tip this week for Help for Growing Families?

Cut down on the laundry. Let them sleep in the clothes for the next day.

Drives my husband crazy, and I cannot see HOW they sleep in jeans or whatever, but if it works for them, it works for me.

They don't always do this, but if they want to, I'm more than happy to let them. As long as the clothes are clean. It takes a ton of stress off me in the mornings... and you know that if the mornings go well you are set for the day, right?

I do draw the line at them wearing the clothes all day, overnight, and again the next day. Not that anyone ever tries that around here. Oh no.

We are going to Cincinnati for Mercy's appointments tomorrow, and have to be driving at 5 a.m. Emma is going with us. Both Emma and Mercy are in their clothes, all ready to be woken up and just stuck in the car.

So if you see my children, and they look a little rumpled... now you know why. Either they slept in their clothes, or they stuck their neatly folded laundry in a heap in their drawers. We'll not go there today, will we?! Some things are just more important than laundry.

Be kind. I DO have 9 children, you know!


  1. When we were having those mighty cold days last month, I just left Lydia in her footie jammies all day. Much easier than trying to wrangle baby socks. Which as you know, NEVER stay on. ;-)

  2. Hahahaha!!! My kiddos slept in their PE clothes to help us get ready easier without Daddy to help! It's our first party of 6 trip together!

  3. We will pray for safety (and an unrumpled look) as you travel. I am completely with you on what you said about mornings...that is the best advice ever!

    I am so glad to have a friend in the weight loss challenge! I'll be watching for your updates in the comments on Amy's Musings. :) Lisa~

  4. That is a good idea, especially when taking trips you don't have to stop to change them:) And in your case with all those kids I can imagine your laundry pile:) Good luck with Mercy. I will be praying for you.

  5. Great idea :) Our kids like to try this one: Me: Time for pajamas! Then they go in the other room, take off their pants, come back in the same shirt and underwear and say, "Ready!" The next morning they put the pants back on and voila! The problem is sometimes I let them get away with it, so it is a random reinforcement thing :)
    Prayer for Mercy and waiting to hear how everything went.

  6. Hello Carri,
    Thanks for linking this post. I am always so glad to see ways others cut corners. If the kids are happy sleepin' in their play clothes, why mess with a good plan?
    BTW, I've given your blog an award. Come check it out.

  7. We have done this too! I have found all sorts of short cuts over the years Carrie. I'll never forget when my aunt told me they do not give baths every day. I couldn't believe it! Here I was never missing a day, always filling their tub with lots of water, etc... . It never even dawned on me to do any different. If they have been playing outside and a quick wipe up will not do - they get about 5 gallons in the big tub that sits in the shower. I tend to think that out of necessity the large family actually uses the same or less water than the family with two children. Interesting.....