Friday, March 2, 2012

The Way I View | Sweetness and Love

Once again, a whole month has gone by with practically not even a thought toward my poor, neglected blog. Besides the normal busy-ness of parenting 10 kids, homeschooling, and building a house, I have been working hard at getting my fledgling photography business up and going. I am proud to say that Sunlit Moments is officially ready and open for business. You can check out the website here. And if you are local- be sure to book your sessions now. My schedule fills up quickly, but I would love to work you and your loved ones in, and get you some wonderful family memories.

This month's theme for my monthly blog network is Sweetness and Love. By far, the best thing I did this month is give in to Sara's pleading to do a "Storybook Session" with her. She dressed in her Princess Dress that her Grandmother and Great Aunt had made for her birthday, and we spent the best 45 minutes of my month. Ever since she has been born Sara has been our Sweetness and Sunshine... so here's a quick share from our time together. I plan on writing a story around her photos, and printing a book. She is looking forward to it.

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