Friday, January 28, 2011

29 / 365 - The Shoes

I shared the other day about my friend Mindy and her "If the shoe fits, buy it" holiday. You can go here to read about our contributions.

What I didn't share were the shoes that I found recently at our local thrift store. Knowing that Mindy's mom would have LOVED a good deal, I picked them for for a whopping $4 in her honor. Even though it was a few days before the "Holiday."

And, just for your entertainment, I share the conversation I heard while photographing my shoes.

"Oh no! Now mom's taking pictures of her shoes."
"She's losing it."
"She must not have gotten enough sleep last night."
"She really will do anything for a picture."
"She'd even tie her toes together and bungee jump off the Grand Canyon if it made for a good picture."

27 . 365 - Sam the Little Man

Sam was starting to look a little shaggy...

So we decreed that he needed his first haircut.

He wasn't sure of the whole thing...

Distraction tactic #1 - Milk.

If that fails, Siblings are always great distractors.

And when even THEY lose their interest, you can always try chewing on the comb. (Blech.)

But the end result was so cute... no longer Shaggy Sam, he is now Sam the Little Man.

And his Papa sure loves him...

26 / 365 - "Fake" Friends

This week I had the opportunity to make a "Fake" friend "real". Lisa was a mere two hours away instead of Texas, so we had the opportunity to meet up for a delightful evening of chatter. Thanks, Lisa, for taking the time out of your schedule to meet!

I highly recommend following her blog, by the way. It's delightful!

Monday, January 24, 2011

25 / 365 - If the shoe fits...

Some of my best friends are fondly known in the peterson clan as "Fake friends" - friends I have not actually met.

many of them I have gotten to know them due to their blogs.

one of these fake friends is my friend grace. Except that her name is not Grace. But I cannot think of her as that, she will always be Grace to me.

I tell you that, to tell you that she has declared tomorrow a National holiday. Go read about it here, then come back and see our donations...

i had the girls empty out their closet, and am embarrassed to actually show this photo. however i am all for truth in blogging, so here ya go. i had them take the shoes that actually fit them back up, then we packed up the rest to donate to Soles for Souls, when I am near a dropoff spot.

How many shoes can you donate? (Please note that Beth is covering her Dora shoes. Just in case we were going to give them away too...)

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24 / 365 - Death of a Keyboard

Despite his best attempts..

my computer may have been irrevocably damaged.

I have 8 letters completely broken. I have to really want to shift or it doesn't work.

The cursor disappears at random times, which makes life a bit difficult.

Two unmonitored moments and the baby wreaked serious havoc... wonder how long it will take me to save up for a new one.
Wonder how I could get dell to just give me a new one... lol. That might be faster.
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23 / 365- Super power

I still maintain that adorable babies is my super power.

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22 / 365 - Uh Oh...

just a warning...
when a little guy looks this adorable...

and you see him like this...
don't answer the phone.

or your beloved computer may look like this.

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21 / 365 - Supreme cuteness

These girls climbed onto the counter and helped themselves. Someone should really feed those kids.

Living in this house is so electrifying...

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20/ 365 - Snow and Pizza

In honor of the snow day I pulled some home-made (but frozen) pizzas out of the freezer for dinner.
Pizza and a movie makes a celebration no matter what the day. :)
Life is too short not to celebrate everything we can.

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19/365 - Waiting...

The garden is waiting... for spring.
The catalogs are arriving. Now is the time to dream and plan.
Of summer tomatoes. And cucumbers. And flowers.
It will come. In due time.
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