Friday, January 28, 2011

29 / 365 - The Shoes

I shared the other day about my friend Mindy and her "If the shoe fits, buy it" holiday. You can go here to read about our contributions.

What I didn't share were the shoes that I found recently at our local thrift store. Knowing that Mindy's mom would have LOVED a good deal, I picked them for for a whopping $4 in her honor. Even though it was a few days before the "Holiday."

And, just for your entertainment, I share the conversation I heard while photographing my shoes.

"Oh no! Now mom's taking pictures of her shoes."
"She's losing it."
"She must not have gotten enough sleep last night."
"She really will do anything for a picture."
"She'd even tie her toes together and bungee jump off the Grand Canyon if it made for a good picture."


  1. What a find! That conversation between your kids is too FUNNY!

  2. That is too cute! What a great deal :)