Monday, April 12, 2010

My Red Wall... A Work in Progress

For anyone who has followed the progress of our main rooms remodel... (here)... you will wonder what I have done with my red wall. Yeah. I'm sure you've been losing sleep wondering what I have done with my red wall.

So here is what we are doing. Please ignore the fact that 9 is a bit crooked. I fixed it, but lost the light and couldn't get a good photo after that. And 10 and 11 are a bit off... I'll have to fix that too. It's a lot harder to do than you would think. Or at least than I thought. You don't want to see the number of holes I put behind 7. Then I got smart and cut out pieces of paper with the brackets marked, taped them on, and then drove the holes through the paper. It worked great except for with 10 and 11.

Obviously the frames will be filled with photos, but I have to select which ones I want to put in, then have them printed. I was not sure if the wall was big enough for 8x10's and 5x7's, but it was.

There are two schools of thought... some like the idea of one frame per person (since we have 12 people.) Others like the idea of putting photos in which show more than one person, but all 12 of us get shown over all. Which do you think would be best? And while we are at it, any votes for what photos to put in?


  1. 24 hrs in the life of the PetersonClan.
    change and update periodically, cause I want to see your great photos!!

  2. I think one per person might be fun because then the little ones can learn to identify the time by their siblings. "Mom, the big hand is on Mercy!"

  3. How about starting with Eric at 12 and going in order from least until another Peterson arrives...then maybe you and Eric together at 12...:) Ash likes it :)

  4. I love it! My vote is one for each person. It's perfect that you have 12. Of course you could put a tiny picture of me on the hour hand or minute hand...your red wall inspiration. ; )

  5. Those other comments are great ideas....calling the number by the person's name. But if it were me, I'd have family photos in them instead of individuals. It's very cute though....except for crooked number 9. You KNOW I, with my OCD, can't handle a crooked picture. LOL! Lisa~

  6. First, let me say, great idea! Why didn't I think of a huge wall sized clock with pictures? I disagree with the other comments though. I think a picture of one person at each station might look a bit cheesy. Plus, how do you decide who merits an 8x10 and who has to settle for a 5x7? Let alone the urge to try and find similar style photos of each person (head shot as opposed to full body). Trust me, it will look funny if everyone has a portrait except one who has snapshot of him and the fish he caught. If you spread the family out over all the spots you can achieve a more random look, display your favorite photos of sibling love and even represent the fun had in all seasons (think sledding in the winter, at the pumpkin patch in the fall, in the flower garden in the summer, etc.). Just my two cents.

  7. I thought I submitted a comment, but... I'll try again: how about putting in a photo of 1 person in the 1 place, two people in the 2 place, 3 people in the 3 place, and so on.

  8. Thanks for the great comments.

    Dreamer- I agree about the 8x10 and 5x7 idea... Josiah, Sara, and Bethany would always have the larger photos, so I am not sure I want to do the child order thing, although I love the idea of the kids counting the order to know the time. We also have the problem that some are uprights and others laying sideways.

    I also like the idea of the number of people in each frame, Grace... I'll have to look into that.

    I think I will probably end up doing family photos, but will need to spend some time picking them out.

    A funny to tell you all... Emma came in the other night and asked, "Mama- when are you going to add the clock?" She was waiting for the digital numbers to be added. LOL. We need that clock more than I even thought.

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

    Love this wall. Very creative.

    I am on the side of thinking random family photos is better than one of each person. Definitely!