Tuesday, January 4, 2011

5/ 365 Blessings - Al

This is Al. He is one of our favorite people in the world.

We became friends with him and his wife Carley years ago. They would come to our house and just laugh and laugh at the children's antics. We loved Carley.

Now Carley has passed away, but Al continues to come weekly to our house.

He was in Florida for Christmas, and boy did we miss him. But tonight he came back. This photo shows how much he was missed. And, I think, how much he missed them. :)

We love Al.
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Monday, January 3, 2011

Best Face of 2010

I heart faces is having a contest for the best face of 2010. Although it was hard to choose what I think is the best face photo of the year, I think I narrowed it down to this one...

Those who have followed my blog for a long time know that this is a miracle photo. Mercy's was born with a large facial hemangioma. You can look at this post here to see how she looked 21 months ago.

This photo proves that it is never too late to hope, and that Miracles still happen.

4/365 Thanks: Playing Around at the White House

Yesterday I tried to get some good photos. I tried and tried, and didn't really get anything noteworthy. So, since I know this will happen many days, I will post what I did get... :) We were at a friend's house, enjoying the fellowship of our church family. We are so blessed to have our church family.

Do you see Sam's reflection in the piano? I plan on trying this another day... getting one crisp and clean. It's food for thought on exactly what settings will get this photo out of my brain and into my camera.

I loved the bokeh (blurry parts of the photo) of the Christmas lights in this one. :)

So for Day 4 of my Project 365 I am thankful for friends who are not afraid to invite us over. Many people are intimidated to have 12 additional people at their house for dinner, and my friend Erica easily hosts 50 or more several times a month.