Tuesday, January 4, 2011

5/ 365 Blessings - Al

This is Al. He is one of our favorite people in the world.

We became friends with him and his wife Carley years ago. They would come to our house and just laugh and laugh at the children's antics. We loved Carley.

Now Carley has passed away, but Al continues to come weekly to our house.

He was in Florida for Christmas, and boy did we miss him. But tonight he came back. This photo shows how much he was missed. And, I think, how much he missed them. :)

We love Al.
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  1. What a sweet sweet photo! It just oozes with love!

  2. Well, bless his heart. I bet his visits do him a world of good. Sweet photo!

  3. These are wonderful photos! You now have more than 100 followers! : )

    I too am playing along with the Project 365! I would love it if you would come over to my place and check it out. :)

  4. This is just precious. What a great capture.

  5. What a beautiful shot. I don't know Al and you know what? I don't have to because this picture speaks volumes and tells me everything I need to know. This is absolutely beautiful.

    Best of luck in your 365!