Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Some Updates... Mercy and Otherwise...

Wow have we been busy around here. Sometimes it seems we can hardly take a breath!!! So for all of you who have been expecting phone calls, etc. Sorry. By the time the kids get to bed I fall in my own, totally exhausted. And really- any quiet time I get during the day I don't really want to fill with talking! haha.

Eric and Josiah took Mercy to Cincinnati yesterday, and all looks wonderful!!! The hemangioma is reducing drastically. Watching a miracle is an amazing thing. The other good thing is that we don't have to return for 2 whole months!!! We are continuing the propranalol since it is still working at reducing the size of the hemangioma.

In other Mercy news, the ophthalmologist said we no longer need to patch! That is good news too.


I guess while I am giving medical news, I can tell you all that I failed my 1 hour gestational diabetes test pretty spectacularly, so head in for the 3 hour this week. The numbers after the 1 hour (199) were only 1 away from where they don't bother giving you the 3 hour, so we are figuring I will be dealing with GD for the rest of the pregnancy. That will make things a little more challenging, and make the last 10 weeks seem to DRAG, that's for sure.


Thought you might like to see a sweet photo of Bethany, who is going to be 1 on July 9...

Bethany 11 months


And here's a photo of Eric wearing one of his father's day gifts... a BLACK, TEFLON coated grilling apron. How much more manly can you get?

Father's Day 2009


As far as fun... we had the fun time of another set of visitors from our past. This time it was a friend from WSS . I worked there for 7 summers, and Eric and I met on the porch of that wonderful hotel, so it has a lot of great memories. Anyway- Claire and I had worked together for many of those summers. Now we have 16, almost 17 children! What a wonderful legacy! Here are some photos from the weekend...

The Mom's and Kids-

All the Kids Outtake

Oops... forgot one...

REALLY all the kids!

Taking a walk...

Brave Men

Men on a Walk

Like our Redneck Stroller?

Redneck Stroller

Sara and G.

Sara and G.

Sara and J.

Sara and J.

Aren't they a beautiful group?! Having beautiful babies is my super power. :)