Wednesday, February 2, 2011

34 / 365 - Sun Flare and Reading

Homeschooling is such fun... especially when older siblings teach younger ones to read. I have heard about the pig sipping sand 6 different times. I am relieved to not have to do it again! This year Anna wants to teach Nate how to read. She also enjoys doing preschool activities with the littler ones.

And we had sunlight for about 5 minutes this evening... so I grabbed the camera and RAN outside to take advantage of it.

It was freezing, but I think it was worth it for this last photo of the day. Sigh. I love when I get it just right straight out of the camera.

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33 / 365 - Family Photos

Miracle of Miracles... we had the chance to try to get photos of all 10 children... and I got several I am pleased with!

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32 / 365 - Bethany

Beth and her crocodile tears...
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31 / 365"Polar Bear" Swimming with our church

We have been blessed beyond measure with our church family. These photos are from our monthly fellowship dinner.

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30 / 365 - Picnic...

We thoroughly enjoyed the sunshine this weekend... the kids enjoyed being outside, and I enjoyed the quiet that happened when they were out of the house!
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