Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mercy October Update

Anyone remember this photo?


How 'bout this one?

3/3 - 2

These are photos from before we started the propranalol treatments in March. Want to see her now?

Isn't that a wonderful sight??? According to everyone who has seen her - Mercy looks GREAT!!! We were at Cincinnati for another round of appointments on Monday and Tuesday... here's the run down...

- Cardiology- Dr. Hirsch says Mercy's heart is stable. She has been taken down to Lasix only every other day instead of every day.

- Opthalmology- Mercy's eyes have had a slight improvement. The big news is that since we were having such problems removing the contact lense, we no longer have to wear them!!! We are going to go back to glasses and pray that she will keep them on. I am so very thankful to not have to do the contacts again. It is no fun to hold a 2 year old in a headlock and mess in her eye.

We will have to start patching again for 4 hours a day, but I'll take that instead of the contacts!!!

- Dr. Adams and the team were all VERY excited about how much the hemangioma has regressed. It seemed that it had plateaued as of our last appointment, but in the last month there had been a huge jump in the involution and it looks even better. We are all thrilled. Once again we don't have to return for two months, which is really nice.

Last March, when we started the propranalol, Mercy was off the growth chart in both weight and height. Now, however, she is gaining lost ground! She is 25% in height, and 55% in weight! We were all thrilled with that report!

Mercy was happy to see her favorite nurse... Carol... whom she loves. Mercy was so ready to see her that she had her backpack packed last Friday and in the car waiting to leave.

Of course, she still has her fear of people in white coats. Thankfully Dr. Adams and Carol don't wear the white coats, so she is not afraid of them. The entire team in Cincinnati is incredible. We are so thankful for them, and for the progress Mercy is making.