Thursday, July 9, 2009


Once again we have been just plain too busy for posting much. Whoever said that summer days are lazy didn't live my life. Or just wasn't in their third trimester during the summer! But we are knocking some things out.

- The blackberries are ripe. the kids have been enjoying going out in the evenings and getting some. They are wild, and have a bitter after taste, but are great with ice cream, and in jam.

- We've been getting lots of cucumbers, green peppers, jalapenos, and banana peppers. And my herbs are growing strong. There are lots of green tomatoes... still waiting for them to ripen. Lots of watermelon and cantelope are growing. Can't wait to eat them... I could eat those two fruits all day long right now. Pregnancy cravings and all.

- I did not get officially diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes, but did come back borderline. I will need to follow the diet, and do a two hour test once a week to monitor, but am glad I am not in the dangerous zone.

- Believe it or not, Bethany is 1 year old today! That is an amazing trick. I am not sure how in the world this year passed so fast. I'll be trying to get a few good photos today, so keep posted.

-We are almost done with the downstairs as far as decluttering and organizing goes. I threw out about 6 big garbage bags of stuff, took some to the thrift store, and generally just put back where things go. I also have about 5 boxes of things to sell. It will feel good to have it all done!

- We are re-doing our chore charts, etc. before the baby is born. It's always a transition, but hopefully things will be running smoothly again soon.

- Bible Bee memorization continues. We are taking a week to review, just to help it to stick a bit better in their heads. I plan on making a Bible Bee entry soon, just to record what all we are doing. The children have put so much of the Word in them!!!

- Soon I need to turn my mind to planning for school again. Wow... where has the summer flown? Oh yeah... in doing all this organizing!

I am 29 weeks pregnant today. Since I have 37-38 week babies, we only have 8-9 weeks left. It will come up on us all too fast, especially since we cannot figure out a name we love! Poor little thing!


  1. Wow! Your babes are close togther! I'm very impressed with how you handle all that you do. God has always spaced our children out more. (18 months, 2 years, 4 years and 4 years- we did lose a babe at eight months of pregnancy in between the 2 and 4 years.) Every time we assume we are done God gives us another. LOL!

  2. Sure sounds busy! WE are getting ready for baby too. We finally settled on a name a little while back and it was like a burden off my shoulders, I didn't know how much it was bothering me. Our littl eone due in four weeks is Leah Michelle Matthews. :) Hope you name search ends soon.

  3. You have been busy! Cleaning out downstairs, veggies in the garden, selling!

    Happy birthday to Bethany....she's a doll. Lisa~

  4. It's hot as blazes here. I hope you're keeping cool.

    Do you have c-sections?? I was going to ask you tons of Qs if so, but I'm guessing not. Why do you have 37-38 week babies? They just bake quickly? Inquiring minds and all. ;-)

    If my squash plants are blooming but no squash, what does that mean?

    I sooooo wish I was pregnant. Enjoy!

  5. Can't believe that she is a year old today...where does time go?
    Chase is 13 today, I didn't realize they had the same birthday...don't blink she'll be 13 before you know it! Have a great day!


  6. GFG... my babies just bake quickly. Bethany and Mercy were both 38 weeks, but whatever measurements they use said they were 40 weeks. And I am miserable enough for 40 weeks!

    I was born at 35 weeks, one of Eric's grandmothers never made it to 36 weeks, and his mother never went to 37 weeks. I am just fortunate. I think I would DIE if I went late. Literally die.

    So far I have been blessed to have all my children naturally. Thank the good Lord.

    As far as your squash, I am not sure. I know that if you have too much nitrogen (manure) there will be foliage and flowers but no fruit. But my broccoli did that and I had not added any fertilizer at all, so I am not sure. Want a cucumber instead? I can pass some of those along...

    Hope that satisfies inquiring minds. ;)

  7. Thank you for all the answer. Yes, I'm very satisfied.

    I haven't added fertilizer either. Still no squash. Very pretty plants though... which is a blog post idea. Anyway, wish I could take you up on the cucumber. My kids devour them!


  8. I ran into your blog while I was looking for something on White Sulphur Springs.
    I can't believe how big the family has gotten since the last Christmas card photo (both in size and in age, time has really flown).
    We're in Japan for a couple years, then who knows.
    I keep checking out the porch when we visit WSS, wondering who I'll run into. Maybe it will be you guys next time.

    Sebastian USNA '91

  9. I just found a yummy pickle recipe if you have pickling cucumbers on hand! You can see them on my blogpost - Let me know if you would like the exact recipe! I just canned more today!