Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Majorly Big For Sale List

Well, after you see how much I am posting for sale, you will know that we have been busy de-cluttering around here. Sorry for not posting much, but we are just plain ol' busy Living Life!


I am clearing out our shelves of the curriculum we are no longer using, and trying to raise money for this year’s stuff… I tried to price things reasonably. I will gladly make a deal on multiple items.

I will accept checks, money orders, and paypal. I ask that if you are sending via paypal that you add $.30 and 2.9 % to cover what they will take out.

Please e-mail me at petersonclan at momys dot net if you are interested in anything.



Student of the Word… New $415. Asking $300 ppd with priority mail and insurance/ del. Conf. Please note: This is all you would need for all 6 years of the program, except the CD to print the forms out. That is available for $35 from the website. Would prefer to sell the books as a set although I will consider splitting them.
Student Edition
Teacher Edition
Resource Edition
Teacher Supplements

Pearables Personal Help for Boys New Condition. $15 ppd.
Pearables Personal Help for Girls New Condition $15 ppd.

The Building on the Rock Series from Vision Forum... $25 ppd.

How God used a Thunderstorm
How God Stopped the Pirates
How God Used a Snowdrift
How God Used Drought and an Umbrella
How God Sent a Dg to Save a Family


History Pockets Ancient Egypt (Taken out of comb binding for ease of copying. On page wrinkled, but will not effect copy quality.) Reproducible. $10 ppd.

History Pockets Moving West (Pages out for ease of copying.) Reproducible. $10 ppd.

Color and Learn Ancient Rome by Edupress. $4 ppd.

Brown Paper School USKids of History: Book of the American Revolution - $8 ppd.

Veritas Press History 1815 to present… Teacher’s book (separated and hole punched for a binder), cards, and cassette tape. $30 ppd.

Sonlight Book of Time… somewhat used… maybe 20 entries? $6 ppd.

Story of the World Volume 3: Early Modern Times. Paperback. Some bending on cover. $17 new. Asking $12 ppd.


Easy Grammar Level 1 (Purple book… level 5/6?) Teacher edition on one page, student on the other. Reproducible. Hole punched for ease of copying. $20 ppd.

Easy Grammar (Silver book… Level 4/5) Teacher and student edition… reproducible… hole punched. $20 ppd.

Daily Grams ¾ $12 ppd.

Daily Grams 5/6 $12 ppd.

Christian Light Education Reading 3 Light Unit Booklets… 301- 310. $18 ppd.

Reading Comprehension and Test Taking Skills Grade 7. $5 ppd

Spelling Power, 3rd Edition. Some small bending on the bottom front cover. Small amount of writing inside. $35 ppd.

Story Starters by Karen Andreola. Some wrinkles on front cover. $20 ppd.

Painless Poetry (Sonlight Curriculum). $6 ppd.

Elements of Writing Introductory Course and Second Course. Two of Each. Free to a good home for the price of postage… $3 each?

Writers Express – Used. $7 ppd.

Writing for Children and Teenagers. Free to a good home for the price of shipping. $3

Building Thinking Skills Beginning Verbal Cards. $5 ppd.


Modern Curriculum Press Mathematics B Teacher’s Guide. Bent Cover. $12 ppd.

Saxon Math 6/5 Second Edition. Hardback Text, Test forms, and Home Study Packet. $25 ppd.

Bob Jones Math 3 Home Teacher Packet. $5 ppd.

Developmental Math 7 Teacher and Student book. $8 ppd.

Developmental Math 2 Teacher Book. $2 (free for the shipping, basically)


AGS Experiences in Science: $6 each ppd, or $15 for all.
Matter, Motion, and Machines,
The Mysteries of Plant Life,
The Mysteries of Animal Life,
A Survey of Fiction

Sister Wendy’s Story of Painting (DK Hardback- new condition) Sonlight book… $50 new, asking $30.

Horizons Science Teacher Edition 6 – Free for the price of postage. $5 (?)

Dinah Zikes Big Book of Books and Activities $15 ppd.

Learn How to Set Up Learning Centers In Your Home. By Mary Hood. $4 ppd.

Notebooking! Yes! You can be a binder queen! By Cindy Rushton. Like New. $15 ppd.

Homemade Books! Yes! You can be a writer too! By Cindy Rushton. Like New. $25 ppd.

Hidden Woman of the Heart… Cindy Rushton. $15 ppd.

Childhood and Adolescent Stuttering Treatment and Activity Resource Guide. $75 new. Asking $50 ppd.

Managers of their Chores by Steven and Terri Maxwell. No Chorepack kit. $13 ppd.

God Always Keeps His Promises Student Bible Study Workbook. $5 ppd.

Preschool activities in a bag… pre-assembled and ready to go. 10 games , $40 ppd.
Can You Remember?
B or d?
Can You Remember Numbers?
123 Trail
ABC Puzzles
ABC-123 Match
Boredom Buster
Color Me Puzzles

Supermag Magnetic Genius- Magnet sets… several put together into one box. $60 plus postage. It is very heavy. Probably could send it in a flat rate box cheapest.

MOMYS Cookbook… 1600 recipes sized for large families. Hardcover binder format. $30 ppd. 2 Copies

Joy of Cooking - $15 ppd.

Financial Freedom DVDs by Jim Sammons. $100 new, asking $80 ppd.

Learning Lifestyle record of Learning… Notgrass publication. $12 new. Asking $6 ppd.

Soap Making Supplies:

All you need to get into the art and sale of soapmaking. Goat’s milk base, different oils, many colors and fragrances, containers, etc. Will sell whole lot for $250 postage paid with delivery confirmation and insurance. Please write if seriously interested in getting a detailed list.


  1. Carrie,
    WHEW...That's alot'a stuff...But a great idea posting it online!


  2. I'm interested in the Managers of Their Chores. It wouldn't be too hard to make up my own chore packs would it? I need to discuss this with the DH though so if someone else claims it before me that's fine.

  3. I teach 6th grade history at a religious school. Are the books on Ancient Egypt and Rome still available? I'm actually in Cincinnati, if that helps with shipping- and I know this post was a while ago! Please do let me know: forevertwenny@gmail.com.


  4. Hi,

    Okay, I looked up the Roman and Egyptian books; turns out most of my students won't be interested, they're a bit ahead of the reading level.

    I am still interested in the Reading comprehension book for grade 7, for my students... and for myself in the Jim Sammon's DVD's. I read on the Duggars' website that this was how they purposed to get out of debt, so I'm interested in the program.

    In order to pay you for both in cash, though, I'd have to wait until after 15 Sept. I will email you, and thank you for your patience, since I said I'd get back to you within the day.