Tuesday, December 30, 2008

How to eat an Oreo Cookie

Recently we had friends over who taught us the "Civilized" way to eat an Oreo Cookie. It was so absolutely sublime that I just HAD to share it with all my bloggity friends.

1)It must be a REAL Oreo Cookie. Anything else is inferior.

2) Using a thinner fork, or a knife, insert the prongs into the icing of the cookie.

(We had 19 kids in the house... we ran out of forks!)

3) Dunk Oreo into a mug of milk. THIS IS IMPORTANT!! You Must obtain enough milk to reach Depth of Dunkability... the oreo must be thoroughly submerged.

You cannot see them, but there will be bubbles coming up from the cookie. When the bubbles stop, there is the perfect amount of milk saturation. The cookie will be soft on the outside, but crunchy on the inside. Absolute perfection.

4) When pulling the oreo out of the milk, one must turn it on it's side. This allows the surface tension of the milk combined with the grooves in the cookie to keep the milk from dripping off. If you put it vertically, the milk just runs out and ruins the whole thing. See?

5) Eat. And enjoy. ;) You do not need to have your hand under the cookie as nothing drips, but habits are hard to break.


You may be wondering exactly WHY I have wasted good time writing this? Well, I do have a point. The point is to SAVOR simple things. Enjoy them. Make the moments last. As I have said before, the days are long and the years are short. The children will all grow up, and someday it will just be me and my wonderful husband puttering around our house. And I want to remember how wonderful it was to eat an Oreo cookie. Or read around the Christmas Tree. Or play a loud silly game. Any of the fun things which sometimes get pushed aside for the mundane in life... laundry, diapers, and piles and piles of dishes.

So go eat an Oreo Cookie, and ENJOY!!!


  1. I love it! I can't decide whether to take all four littles for a walk to the Walgreen's to purchase our sack of test cookies (developing research skills - look! School!) or just wait for Daddy to stop there after work. I think we could all use the walk. Ahem!

  2. While I can't stand Oreos (can you still be my friend?) I wholeheartedly agree with your conclusion! Thanks for sharing your fun family!

  3. I am going to pick up some Oreos!!!

  4. I am going to go pick up some Oreos!!!

  5. OH I know EXACTLY who was at your house Carrie! So funny..... If it is the family I think it is then they must travel the country giving Oreo eating lessons!

    Gotta try this at home>grin.

    Now lets see if I can post this comment :O)


  6. Can't believe this..... I lost my comment again! I do not think I can do anything on the computer w/o my husband :O(

    Anywho..... as I previously commented: I know EXACTLY WHO was at your house Carrie! At least I think I do, lol.



  7. Carri,
    Never thought about eating oreo's like that! You crack me up!!

  8. What a great reminder to stop and smell the roses (or should that be cookie?). I love the photos...who else but a blogger would take pictures of the steps to dunking an Oreo! Love it! Lisa~

  9. Yum! That's hilarious! I left an award for you on my blog.


  10. Yep- Eunice, I'll bet you DO know who came. Just add their children to mine and see if the numbers add up right... ;)

    And Mama of Many- I'll surely be your friend. But you are missing out on one of the great things in life. Yum.

  11. Oh I have Oreos left over from New Year's celebration! We'll have to try this tonight! The family will think I'm nuts, but I love it! What a great scrapbook page this would make!