Saturday, June 12, 2010

If You Give A Mom A Saturday

If you give a mom a Saturday

She'll be woken up by the baby at 5:45.

She'll decide to get up, so she gets dressed, then gets him a bottle.

She hears the sound of a mouse which is caught in a trap, but not killed. :(

She knows that she NEVER, EVER touches a mouse, alive or not, and therefore must sacrifice the only quiet she gets, and goes back to bed, since her dear husband needs his sleep.

And if she goes back to bed she won't wake up until 9:3o.

She'll read her e-mail, and drink a cup of coffee while the children do their Saturday morning chores.

She will then start sorting the 7 gallons of blueberries waiting to be made into jam, and frozen for baking during the winter months.

The Mom's wonderful husband will decide to take the moment of peace as a sign he can safely cut his hair and take a shower.

And when he starts that, the children will finally be done with their chores and ready to eat breakfast. (Cold Cereal on Saturdays).

And if they want to eat cereal, they will need milk. The Mom plus three children will all be in the kitchen, and the 1 gallon jar of milk will be dropped on the floor, spraying milk and shards of glass everywhere.

And all 4 will be barefooted. Two will get cut, one will shriek loudly, and one will jump into the fridge entirely (I leave it to you to guess which one was the mom).

And the father will come running out of the bathroom with hair all over, to be a hero and rescue the family from impending doom.

One child will go get the shop vac, and 30 minutes later the kitchen will be vacuumed, swept, and mopped for the second time that day.

And when the milk is cleaned up, the shop vac will need to be emptied... which will be done on the grass, forgetting about the shards of glass which will then be deposited in said grass.

So someone will need to mow the Glassy Grass catching the glassy grass and emptying it into a garbage bag so there would no longer be glassy grass and only grassy grass.

But I digress.

So the mom will then see that it is almost noon and no blueberries have been processed. And if she starts to get out the canning supplies she will need to search for the rack insert to put in the canner. She will mutter under her breath (and somewhat over her breath too) about the fact that the children never put things away in the right place.

And then she will look for the sugar. And not find any.

When the Mother sees that there is no sugar she grabs her car keys and heads to the local bulk food store to buy 50 pounds of sugar. And some cinnamon. And sees someone she has been wanting to talk to for years.

Then gets back and starts the Blueberries. Again.

At 3:30 she sits down to have lunch and a little break... 20 quarts of blueberry jam are on the counter, and 6 quarts of berries to go in the freezer.

And if you give a mom a break she will get back up and head to the garden to continue to stake up the tomatoes.

Where she will sweat a ton, and pick some produce... a half gallon of beans, 6 banana peppers, and a bunch of lettuce. And 4 kohlrabi. She won't know what to do with the kohlrabi, but it was a pretty plant. (Does anyone know what to do with a kohlrabi or 4? Anyone? Anyone?)

And when she has finally started staking up the tomatoes, her husband will arrive stating that the little ones are melting down, the middle ones are making Bean and Bacon Soup for dinner, and does she have any plans on coming in too?

So she will dust off her hands, wipe the sweat from her brow, and head inside. Where she will eat, shower, spend time with her family, and wash all the produce before sitting down at the computer to record the day.

Because someday this mother will wonder how in the world 3 decades of parenting can be over in a flash and will need to be reminded that every day, is like today. And it is wonderful. Except when it's not. But that's a whole other post.


  1. I have never had them but found this! I am intrigued to try them now!

  2. Shew! That wore me out just reading it...If it helps any I had seven kids at my house Sat. and thought of you most of the day (grin) told Husband later tht night after cleaning the kitchen "How in the world do the Peterson's keep food in the house?" After reading your post I see....LOTS and LOTS of work! Love ya Girl!! Have a blessed day!


  3. This is SO familiar! You are hilarious. Lisa~

  4. Great post!
    I'm guessing you jumped in the fridge. ;-)
    This sounds worse than the time I dropped a jar of blueberry syrup. Man, that stuff is like super glue.
    Sure would like to taste some of the blueberries.
    Mothering, the greatest tough job there is!

  5. Carri,
    I remember a college student who was worried her hubby would have to call her in to cook dinner while she was making mud puddles with the kiddos....At least in this real life scenario said college student now momma was weeding a garden and had kids who know how to make dinner :-)

  6. I can now see clearly how all of this could happen and am still amazed you consider it a rare occasion with as much juggling as you have. ;-)

    We're at Bill's house today (using his WiFi to finally get back online) and he says Hi!

  7. Busy and fulfilling! What a great day.

  8. I really enjoyed this little glimpse into your life, makes me eager to get up and go DO something instead of sitting here reading blogs ... don't worry though, I'll be back for more later!