Friday, January 28, 2011

27 . 365 - Sam the Little Man

Sam was starting to look a little shaggy...

So we decreed that he needed his first haircut.

He wasn't sure of the whole thing...

Distraction tactic #1 - Milk.

If that fails, Siblings are always great distractors.

And when even THEY lose their interest, you can always try chewing on the comb. (Blech.)

But the end result was so cute... no longer Shaggy Sam, he is now Sam the Little Man.

And his Papa sure loves him...


  1. He is a cutie!!! My boys asked this morning when we could come and see you. We need to make a plan. Dinner and playing? I'm up for it. My house or yours? Just let me know on FB what you think.

  2. Cheetos and sitting in the high chair works well too.

  3. what a cutie...before and after the cut.