Wednesday, January 14, 2009

They Work!

Remember when I told you all about my new "curtains" I made to help insulate our windows after we woke up from a particularly cold night and it was 58* inside? Well, They Work! Last night it was only about 18*, but inside the house was only down to 62*! Since we keep our house set at 66* at night (and 68* during the day) we only lost 4 degrees last night! Half the loss of the last 18* night.

And our water pipes didn't freeze either. Another nice bonus!

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  1. That is great news!! I will have to see what kind you made, it has been cold in our house lately.

  2. Wow! How lovely! I did a post about insulating windows cheaply a few weeks ago too. We must have had the same idea... your's are much, much pretty though.

    If you want to see the post it is here:

    Great minds you know...

  3. Yes I remember and thank you - I have 2 huge sliding glass doors in one room(not winterized doors mind you) and I covered them with bed comforters this winter after your post - it is 2 feels like -13 out right now - it is much better!

  4. P.S. ALSO! Thank you for the Elm Creek Quilt ADDICTION!!

  5. P.S.S. I just thought - you may not know who this is! This is Tammee from ADMOMYS momtotwelve2005. Hi Carri!!