Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bible Memory

I thought I had posted about this already, but with the Bible Bee registration ending soon (EVERYONE should register their children!!!), I thought to re-run this post. Then I couldn't find it, so maybe I only THOUGHT I wrote about it. Anyway....

Quite often we go through a topic, and pick out all the verses we can find on that topic. This week we have researched what the Bible says about arguing. We write down all the verses on paper and add them to our Bible notebooks.

Then we pick 5 special ones. We put them on index cards. On the front of the card they write out the whole verse. On the back of the card they write the first letter of each word. So the verse, "Do everything without complaining so that you may become blameless and pure, children of God." says, "Dewcstymbbap,coG." This helps to remind the children what the words may be.

We add a colored index card stating the topic to our ring, then add the other cards behind it. They now have a way to review their memory verses.

When they have a problem with a certain character quality, and need extra work on it, they get to add another verse or two to their ring and memorize it.

This is something that Works for Me! And PLEASE! Go check out the Bible Bee before registration closes on April 30th!!!

[People who live near us IRL... we are going to be having a Wednesday night class at church for those children preparing for the Bee... sign them up!]


  1. So glad you posted this reminder. We're looking in to this and didn't realize the deadline was so close. Thanx!

    BTW, That skunk story (and Josiah wearing the t-shirt) is so funny :O)

  2. What a neat idea with the index cards. We will try this.

  3. A Bible Bee--how neat!

    I was wondering what verse to memorize next in ou family; it sounds like your one about not complaining would be perfect!

  4. What a great idea. I've been running out of steam with homeschooling as of late. I like the idea of looking up verses centered around a topic. We have Bible time but haven't done this so, thank you. We'll be incorporating that idea next week with our hs time.