Monday, February 22, 2010

i heart faces : Hands On

I love, love, love baby hands. And feet. And necks. And... well, just about anything to do with my sweet little babies.

The challenge this week was to get a picture of hands... there are a lot of entries over there, so I am sure that there are lots better photos, but I sure do love my sweet little Sam and his sweet little hands.


  1. Oh! My Christopher used to suck his fingers just like that! His fingers used to go red raw in between them when he was teething, but it was adorable all the sae. It makes me all nostalgic for when he was little. He's two now, it goes so fast. (incoherent, heat affected babble from an Australian pregnant woman who has gotten very emotional over a photo and is blaming the hormones)

  2. Oh my goodness. Be still my heart! Lisa~

  3. Oh!Oh!Oh!Oh! You did not just help my baby fever. That's adorable!