Monday, March 9, 2009


I am excited, but not nearly as happy as Eric will be in a few hours when he hears that we have really been discharged and are on our way home. Thanks for the prayers. Turns out Mercy has Rotovirus, so we will still be quarantined at home for a few days. But she has perked up some and is looking better.

On the propranalol side, we stopped it while she was sick. We got the full doses which they needed to monitor, so after she is fully better we will resume the propranalol. Amazingly, it did seem that in the short time she was on it that the hemangioma did look better. We'll see what happens when we get back on it!

I am ready to get home... hopefully she can continue to improve!


  1. Oh yeah! God is good. I know everyone will be glad to see you both. Have a safe drive home. Lisa~

  2. That's fantastic!!! I hope she gets better soon!