Friday, March 27, 2009

Garden Club Friday! 3 / 27 / 09

Welcome again to another week of the Garden Club! I have been enjoying reading what is happening with everyone's seeds, plants, plans, etc! It has been so much fun!

Be sure to check out Ky Hills if she links to us this week... her husband is the Garden Expert for our area (Kentucky Tennessee line), and I am so glad she is giving us his "cliff notes" for what to do, when. I am also hoping to see some pictures of what her broccoli looks like... mine seems a bit small to be sending out next week!

In my progress this week, I finished transplanting all the cold weather crops and have totally maxed out my growing shelves. Here are some photos. Anyone know if these look right? KY Hills Mama? Anyone?



My cabbage and cauliflower photos didn't show up correctly.

And get a load of this: Here is a photo of my tomatoes started in those jiffy presto add water and watch them grow pots:


And here are some plants which I planted THE SAME DAY AS THE OTHERS, only in the jiffy seed starting soil:


I made my own little growing pots out of newspaper when I ran out of peat pots. You can read about it here.

And it rained and rained and rained for days. This has put a damper on my plans to get out in the gardens and get them weeded, etc. and ready to get the cold weather plants put in. Hopefully it will dry out sometime and I can get to that.

I also have some cucumbers, cantaloupes, and watermelons started. Oh I cannot wait to taste the fresh produce!!! I am so hungry for grapes and cantaloupes... tomatoes and cucumbers... yum, yum, yum.

I look forward to reading what all you have done this week! Add your post to the Garden Guru at the bottom, and please link back here so others can find us.

Happy Gardening!


  1. Your seedlings are looking great. My beans are just now sprouting. I'm getting excited!

  2. I am glad to come across your blog. I have a huge summer garden this year, and I usually always update it weekly. Glad to link up. Your seedlings are looking great!

  3. Your tomatoes look incredible!! I hope mine do as well in the jiffy grow pots as yours have! :)

  4. We direct sowed our broccoli and our cauliflower. Fingers crossed that that was the right decision!

    And WOW to your tomatoes!! Beautiful. Everything looks great to me!

  5. Your plants look good to me, but I am in Kansas where yesterday was...well cold to say the least. But this week looks more springlike! My tomato plants aren't as big, but I can't plant outside until May 3

  6. I took some new pictures of my garden this week and put them on my gardening page. I also added a free seed packet that you can download to keep your seeds in if you will be saving seeds from your plants.

    Here the wind was blowing really hard for all but a couple of days last week--and it's back
    again now (30-50 MPH winds). I'm hoping the blossoms on my fruit trees can hold on!