Friday, March 27, 2009

Gratuitous Family Post

All of you who come from other places, and don't care about photos of my kids... keep on surfin'... for those of you who DO want to see some photos: here are a couple from the past week or so.

Bethany is growing up:


The following two photos are from Josiah's Birthday. We have a family tradition to play "Hide and Go Seek Dark" on birthdays around here... it is as it sounds. We turn off all the lights and play hide and go seek. When we lived in a neighborhood it was a bit easier... now it is REALLY dark when we do this.

Josiah was the winner this week. Here was his hiding place. Eric never found him:

Josiah's Hiding Place 2

Josiah's Hidint Place

He was a bit sore after hanging out there for so long. Haha.


  1. Cute baby, cool hiding place, but how many pairs of pants does that boy have on? Looks like 3. (?!?!)

  2. That has got to be the coolest hiding place ever!

  3. How funny! Looks & sounds just like him!!!
    Enjoy them while you got them!-Miriam S.

  4. That is so Josiah. Great spot to hide. Wow Bethany has sure grown tons since we left. Great to see the pictures. Thanks for sharing. Renee

  5. Boys are so crazy! Ours haven't gotten past the door frames yet, but from the looks of things, there's time yet. Yikes!

  6. Oh, I'm thrilled to know you read my blog. How sweet. First of all, I can NOT show my kiddos that hiding place. They play that game with their grandpa (but he yells and acts like a monster when found... "Hide and Seek Monster"). That is a brilliant spot. Very strong boy you have there.

    Secondly, I do the same thing! I tell my first son, "Your are my most favorite [insert name here] in the whole world!" or "Of all ten year old boys, your my most favorite!" or "You are simply the cutest three year old I've seen this year!"

    Yes, I'm sure every person who says the negative comments had not known a 'large' family in real life. I really believe that if they stopped to think it through, they wouldn't believe what they believe. I don't know about people with no kids, though. Trying to get them to 'see' it might be impossible.