Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mercy's Progress on Propranalol

Mercy continues to make incredible progress on the propranalol. Watching this happen is just amazing.

Here is March 3, before propranalol:

Here is March 24... just three weeks later:

Here is a front on version of how much the hemangioma is reduced. Those of you who don't know her personally will not appreciate how flat it is by comparison, but those who see her all the time... be ready to be amazed IRL.

Thank you for all your prayers. It seems that this drug is the miracle God is going to use to help heal Mercy. Isn't it amazing?!?!


  1. WOW WOW WOW! HOORAY! Give her a big squeeze from all of us.


  2. I am so happy! And what a miracle it is!!


  3. Thank you SO much for keeping us updated with pictures! I am grateful for her and for so many other children that struggle with this. What a blessing. Lisa~

  4. PRAISE THE LORD!!!! I pray it continues to do its job!!!

  5. That is amazing progress. It is such a blessing to see this. I will keep on praying for Mercy and all of you. Thank God for miracles today!

  6. Wow...that's great. Praying for continued healing! Shari