Monday, December 1, 2008

And the continuing saga....

After all my complaining about our chickens a couple months ago, I thought I should update you on the current egg output. We are now averaging 10 eggs a day. I think that they are enjoying the cooler weather, along with a healthy dose of realism setting in when about 15 of their compatriots ended up in the stew pot. These mamas are laying quite well, thankyouverymuch. They also DON'T HAVE NAMES. This is important, because no matter how well they are laying, they will be in the pot next year this time when next spring's birds get going.

In other news, we had a lovely Thanksgiving complete with turkey, ham, all the fixin's and some seriously good pies. Yum, yum. We had 23 people (including Bethany who doesn't eat yet) around our table... thankfully the weather was good and the 15 children could play outside. This also made it possible for the flight crew to fly the helicopter in and land in our field to join us for dinner. That's always an exciting event. Children young and old love to see it.

After the weekend, and the extra days off school, we are having a rough start to the school week. Hopefully tomorrow will go better. Bethany has a bit of a cold and was fussy this afternoon. Lucky for me, housework is loyal and will still be there tomorrow.


  1. Love the new site!

  2. Hi, this is unrelated to this post cuz' I'm linking over from Jenny's pirate blog.

    So you still have some MOMYS cookbooks, eh? I didn't sign up for one when they came out last year because we were tight on $$ then...we're still kinda tight, but do you mind letting me know how much they were, I might suggest it for a Christmas present.

    I'm Pr31WannaBe on momys, just send me a quick pm.

    Thanks so much! Heather

  3. So, what did you do to get the chickens laying again?! I'm on the edge of my seat. We are averaging only about 4 eggs a day and it's driving us crazy. Lisa~