Monday, December 15, 2008

Funny Nathan Quotes

Yesterday Nate had left his blanket on the floor, and I was trying to motivate him to get it cleaned up. I hadn't told him what I wanted yet, though. I said, "Nate! I need a big helper! Are you 3? I need a big 3 year old to do a mission."

He said, "Big 3 year olds are not big enough to clean things up quickly!"


As reported by one of the church nursery workers:

She asked who they thought walked on water.

Nate replied, "My DAD!"


In other Peterson news, we were in the church play on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 7 of the 11 Petersons were in it, so we had a grand time. Today is a rainy, warm day, and the children are a bit grumpy from so many nights of going to bed hours late, so we will probably just stay home and chill out. Maybe we should make cookies instead of school today...

Josiah is about to finish reading through the Bible this year. All he has left to read is 2 Peter, 1, 2, 3 John, and Jude. We have told the children that any time they read entirely through the Bible they can go on a weekend trip with the parent of their choice and do something special. He is wanting to go to the Space Center in Alabama. With Eric, of course. I have spent my lifetime allotment in Air and Space Museums.

Angela is close to finishing too. Maybe she'll want to go shopping at the outlet malls or something. They both have been more consistent in reading their Bibles than I have this year.

My theory is that things are only bribery if it is for a negative behavior. If you are rewarding good behavior, it is an incentive. So- "Here, we'll get you this candy if you'll just be quiet" is bribery." Anyone who can say all the verses from the Roman Road will get a pack of M&M's," is an incentive. See the difference?

Tomorrow is Mercy's big day for appointments... we have two eye appointments, an echo cardiogram, a meeting with the cardiologist, and a meeting with the hemangioma doctor. If her heart is worse, we will be set up the start of chemotherapy. If it is stable we will keep watching things for another couple months. Please keep us and her doctors in your prayers! We greatly appreciate every one of them!


  1. I agree about bribery vs. incentives.

    We're praying for Mercy and her doctors!

  2. good luck tomorrow!

    hoping for good news.

    Cristina & Elyse

  3. Ooh, we've been to the Space Center several times, and our boys have loved it!

    We're praying for good news at the doctor's tomorrow.


  4. What a good idea... I am going to provide incentives for a few things around here... You are so very good at this mommy stuff, you should have a seminar :)
    I always pray for your beautiful Mercy and tomorrow I will be praying as well.
    Your friend in Christ and nutty parenting:
    Linda Up North

  5. Carri,
    Just wanted you to know we'll be praying for Mercy tomarrow and praying for a safe trip there and back, hope you are feeling better today!