Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Help for adoption... and a camera...

There is another donation/ raffle thing for good causes... a family is trying to raise enough money to bring their child home from Korea. Since our oldest two children were adopted almost 10 years ago from Ukraine, we are well aware of the huge expense an international adoption is. Please pray for them, and if you can, head over to their site and donate...

If you can make a donation, you will be entered in a raffle for a Canon Camera. I have been saving for one of these things for over a year... and I am nowhere near getting one. So, while I am thrilled to help another orphan get a home, I would also love to win the camera! Just so you know I am selfish and human! Haha.

I also heard today about a family who is in Ethiopia right now adopting a sibling group of four. Here is what my friend's blog said,

"Could you please take a moment to pray for our friends the Browns today? They are currently in Ethiopia adopting four siblings. The youngest (Olivia - age 9 mos) has pneumonia and a fever of 106. They are supposed to fly home tomorrow. They have little access to medicine and are not sure if Olivia is allowed to or should travel in her condition. Their trip has been full of trials and of course, all they want to do is get home and get started being a family of 8 (two biological kids waiting for them at home). They haven’t been able to update their blog while traveling, but you can still see pictures of these sweet ones and get the backstory there.

One of their family members just sent this update:

“I went back and reread the message I wrote on the wall. I think its more dire than that. They really didn’t think she’d make it thru the night."


Carri here: I don't know the current status, but know that the family would appreciate the prayers for their precious child. I'll keep the blog updated as I hear things.

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  1. I didn't know your older two were adopted. Are any of the others adopted as well? It is amazing how God brings families together. What a blessing!