Monday, March 16, 2009

And the Saga Continues...

The plague continues to go on, and now we have added a cold to the mix...

-Mercy is up and back to normal. We go back to Cincinnati tomorrow for appointments with the contact lense guy, the ophthalmologist, and with Dr. Adams. Hopefully she will be back to full health and able to re-start the propranalol.

- Bethany is on the way up after a very shaky weekend. Her diarrhea is less, and she is not throwing up as much. Hopefully she continues to improve.

- Matt has had a cold for the past couple days. Unfortunately he shared it with Nate, who woke up last night with a croup sort of cough. And for some reason there was no hot water to help with the steam... but this morning there was hot water. Weird. Don't know why.

But I had to give him Albuterol... which totally spins a child up. Between that and the fact that it has rained for a week straight, and I have gotten precious little sleep for the last couple weeks... I am ready to send him upriver. OK- not really. Maybe. ;)


  1. It seems like it's gonna be one of those hard cycles for you. Soon you'll get that good night's sleep. In the meantime, let them watch movies. My kids never get to watch them, so when we're sick they are content to do that while Mommy recovers. {{{{hugs}}}} Lisa~

  2. Carri,
    Glad to hear that the girls are feeling better. Sorry to hear that the boys are feeling bad..we had the whole cold, snot, cough thing going on here at our house too, it is no fun.. and Albuterol...OH MY GOSH, I remember when Chase was about Nate's age and he had to take that...Can you say bounce off the walls?? HA! We missed you at church Sunday, it was like the whole left section was missing..imagine that!?? anyway know there are prayers going up on your behalf, hang in there!


  3. Boy, we're in the same boat, aren't we?! Although really I can't even compare myself to you, with Mercy's issues, plus the diarrhea stuff. We have been spared that, and are just dealing with the respiratory/head stuff. No comparison! I can relate to teh Albuterol, however, as Caleb has to have that when he starts wheezing. He gets sooo fragile--cries at every. last. thing.

    Well, I'm rambling. A sure sign of not enough sleep, LOL. Off to make Irish soda bread . . .

  4. Your precious one got me to reading and I will pray...She's a doll!
    God bless!
    Lady Graceful/SisterTipster