Saturday, April 25, 2009

Some Shameless Bragging

Once again, for the benefit of those family members far away, I must brag a bit on my children. Today was the regional 4-H competition. We had 4 speeches win champion level at the local contests (not really that big an honor as there is rarely anyone else competing against them...).

Today, we had the craziness of getting three children to four different rooms (at the same time... yes... crazy is appropriate) along with dragging the other children around at the same time. If it sounds fun and relaxing to you, think again. [As an aside, I realized that in 10 years we will have 7 children in 4-H. I shudder to think of how crazy that will be.]

But it was all worth it... Josiah (How to Eat an Oreo Cookie), Angela (Africa), and Anna (Whales) all won reserve champion with blue ribbons. That means that if the champion of their category does not go to the state competition, they will go. And Anna won a Champion ribbon for her Flat Stanley speech... So sometime in July we will be going to the State Competition.

I couldn't be prouder of any of them. Great job, guys!!! And Note to Self: get a babysitter for the July thing. I really don't think I am up to have the little ones go with me...

In other family news, our farm has grown by one cow. We hope to have her around for the next few years to give us more cows for the freezer. We have never had babies born on our farm, except for chicks, so it is going to be exciting! And speaking of cows for the freezer, we get one from the butcher this week too. What a blessing.

And did you know that broccoli and spinach have more protein per calorie than a steak? But you gotta eat a lot of spinach to equal the calorie count. Please pass the steak.


  1. How terrific! It doesn't sound like a vacation at all! I am impressed you could get the projects done, much less have everyone in the right place at the right time! Congratulations. You should be proud. Go ahead and brag. We love it! Lisa~

  2. Woo Hoo! Congratulations to you all. What a wonderful accomplishment.

  3. Yeah, Petersons! way to go kids! You still got plenty of options for babysitters there! Get them before they get married!LOL! yeah, I'd go for the steak too, but it is true about the protein. Ton more fiber too, but for some reason it doesn't fill me up as well a good ole' steak!

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