Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sara's 6th Birthday Celebration

Last week was Sara's Birthday. It's hard to believe our little sunbeam of sweetness is that old. However, she insists she really is 6. And she refused to stay 5 even if we gave her the presents just didn't have her turn to another age. Bummer.

Sorry for the poor quality of a couple of these photos, but... here she is making her cake (Really- she wanted to do it by herself!)... wearing her new apron from Oma. Thanks, Oma!

And with one of her new dresses I found at a consignment store with Uncle Laurie and Aunt Marian's money. Thanks, guys! She looks adorable.


I don't have any photos of it, but on Monday Sara and I got to go out for her "reading party" and to spend the birthday money Grama and Grampa Ott sent her. I decided after reading another blog that each of my children should have a reading party when they can independently read Dr. Seuss level books. We went to Barnes and Noble, picked out a couple other books she could read, and got her a drink and a cookie.

She also had her first trip to Toys R Us to spend her money on princess things and another book for her Tag reader she got for her birthday. All in all it was a fun week of celebrating for her... she claims that it was more fun to go on her reading party than to go with Mercy and me to Cincinnati for doctor appointments. Truer words may have never been said.


  1. OH, what a sweet little girl.

    I love celebrating when a child learns to read. Such a big day. For us, we love to explain that now they can have God speak directly to them through His Word; what a priviledge it is to be able to read His Word. Congrats!

  2. How nice she had a great birthday. I find it hard to believe that she's never been to Toys r us!

  3. Happy birthday Sara. You look lovely in your apron. How did the cake turn out?