Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Conviction and the Simple Life

I have a point to today's post, but I will need to set the stage for all of you.
There are these two ladies in our church who are sisters. They live in a trailer by themselves, since their father has passed away. Their mother (and brother, I think) is in the local nursing home suffering through Alzheimers. These wonderfully sweet women take turns going to the nursing home each day and sitting with their mother and caring for her. They don't drive, so people take care of getting them to and from the nursing home each day, and to stores when they need to shop.

A couple years ago, we all went out to eat, and I jokingly asked them what would happen if one of them got married... and they said something to the effect of the fact that they had the perfect life, and why spoil it with a man.

Now, many people looking at them would disagree with their having the perfect life. But they convict me almost every time I spend time with them. Their love and service to their mother, and their contentment with their lives is a beautiful thing to behold.

So last night we were going out to dinner. We were passing through a part of the road where they are building a new bypass of our town. No one knows exactly why, but maybe the ONE light in town holds up traffic too much. Either way, one of them said, "I guess there was some extra money they didn't know what to do with, so they decided to build the new road."

I jokingly commented that if they didn't know how to spend all the money, they could give some to us. I'd know how to spend it. Then I asked, "How about you all? Could you all figure out how to spend some money?" I was thinking how I could drop a couple hundred thousand and spend it in a flash. Although I didn't say that.

They responded... "We have everything we could want. Except a cure for Alzheimers. "

Oh to be so content in my life. They truly are the pure in heart, and I am sure they will see God. We could all learn a lot by having their simple life.


  1. Carrie,
    Love this post..how true it is.


  2. And to have the one thing you long for be out of reach this side of heaven.

  3. Oh, to be THAT simple..... Thanks, this was good.

  4. Just stopping by your blog... what a beautiful reminder. thank you for sharing it!

  5. Love it...it seems like we spend money before we even have it. What a good lesson. :)