Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Birthday Skirts

For Anna's birthday she received some fabric and the promise I would make her some skirts. It is really hard to find modest skirts in her size, so I resorted to making our own. I think they turned out really cute, and were so easy!

A wonderfully "Twirly" girly skirt...

Skirt 2... less full, but I love the material.

And just 'cause... the leaves on "our" hill are starting to turn colors...

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  1. Hi Carri

    Do you have a pattern for those skirts?

  2. Well... not really. I have one of those cardboard things you can get that shows the curves to cut along. I only had 2 yds. of each fabric, so I folded the fabric, and cut as much of the curve as I could, then cut an angle down from the waist curve to the bottom. It was several inches smaller than the recommended line. For the twirly skirt I sewed 4 panels, for the other I sewed 2. Then I put an elastic waist and did a hem.

    Took me only a day for the two dresses... of course, that was between the multitude of interruptions and feeding the baby, so it was really only a couple hours of true work.

    I am sure the way I did things is clear as mud. I follow very few patterns, and just sort of wing it.

    If you are interested, I can try to take photos and make a tutorial when I am making the last skirt this week.