Friday, October 30, 2009

Fall Foliage

Today I went outside and took the opportunity of an almost 80* day to take some photos. It was so windy, it may have been the last day for these pretty leaves. They have been blowing down all day. I got lots of pictures of some of the children, and am working on getting them ready to post later in the week. Keep checking back!

This is one of my favorite shots... I liked how the brown contrasted with the green.

I like this one too. Again, I like the color contrast, and the shadows of the edge of the leaf.

Our hill turning colors... It truly is beautiful here in Kentucky.

Eunice, you know you want to move here...

Can you see the bee on the bottom right flower?

Sara is one of my best models.. she loves to have me take her photo. See her in the tree?

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