Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bumbo Seat: Product Review

One thing I am an expert on is babies. I have had just a few of them. Trust me- there is a big difference between #1 and #10. With #1 you buy all sorts of things you think are just absolutely necessary. With #10 you realize that not only do you not need so much stuff, you no longer have room in the house because there are 12 people filling every spare nook and cranny.

That said, I have to give a recommendation for this chair... Sam even likes it so much his eyes went crossed. In every photo. But still... he loved it. He sat there quietly, and after a few minutes I saw him lean over and fall asleep. Sweet little thing.

It even keeps the older sister entertained.

Seriously- if you only get two things for your baby, get this seat and a good front pack (Ergo is the best). All else is fluff.


  1. We love our Bumbo chair! It is a good way to get baby right in the middle of all the family activity. I remember going to sizzler one time, with my mama and papa, mom and step dad, and baby Caillou sat in his bumbo right smack in the middle of the table. He just baby babbled to everyone and loved being a part of all the action. I can't wait to use it again with baby #3!

  2. Yes, we love ours too. My sister-in-law gave us one with Grace (#6)--she loved it! She will also still sit in it, LOL. Faith liked it, but she was able to crawl/topple herself out of it a lot earlier than Grace did, so she didn't stay in it as long. Still, very handy. The only people I've known who didn't like theirs had fat babies with really fat legs, and they just didn't fit into it for very long! We don't have that problem, LOL.