Monday, December 28, 2009

The Myth Debunked.

When people hear I have 10 children, their first comment, after they catch their breath from the huge gasp, is, "How do you do it all?"

My response is that I certainly DON'T do it all. Not even close. And here's proof.

If you spend much time at all browsing blogs, you will see ample photos... those beautiful ones where the children are matching and all are smiling and exposed to perfection.

Yeah- I read those too.

Anyway. I have found several photos that I love, and want to try to replicate at my house. Like one where the 8 female siblings loved crazy socks, and put their feet in a circle and took a picture. So when Grama gave the kids all new socks, what better time to do that photo?

Yeah. Right. First they lined up. In a straight line.

CIRCLE, guys. With your feet in the middle. (Not a homeschooling mom's finest moment.)

This is what I got. See Emma pushing Matt's feet to the side. She didn't want them touching her. See Bethany being held in a headlock? She didn't want a photo taken at all. Oh yeah - and there are only 8 pairs of feet. Where are the other two?

So we found Sam, and tried to get Mercy to cooperate. No luck. We couldn't even FIND one of her brand new, really cute socks.

So I gave up.

A couple days later I was trying to get Christmas photos with everyone. I tried to get Mercy and Josiah together. I thought it would be great to try to get Mercy to kiss her big brother she loves so much.

Forget that... let's get them all together. Not too hard right? Wrong.

I believe the words, "You don't have to like this. Just PRETEND you like it. Big kids, DON'T LOOK ANYWHERE EXCEPT THE CAMERA! And smile, darn it," came out of my mouth.

So there you have it. Whatever "it" is. It's certainly not at the Peterson house.

And if you see me in real life, please feel free to wipe the spit up off my back.


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  1. Wow, thst is a big lovely family. I can see it is hard to get them all in one picture LOL Kids will always be kids

  2. Ha as a Mom of 9 I understand!

    Blessings and Happy New Year!

  3. Phew! That's a relief :-)
    Sounds just so familiar... And dad is not a big fan of posed pictures so I can count on no help from him. OR sympathy. No sympathy for ME anyway ;-)
    I am slowly learning to settle for capturing the memories, and to be honest, those are best caught when everyone is being, well...

    I always LOVE your pictures because I see a "real" family that loves each other and loves the Lord. That blesses my heart!

    Thank you friend,

  4. great pics... what a big family!
    More love to go around.

  5. Oh, my stinkin' heck!! You had me giggling more than once with that. I have soooo been there. Granted, with six, not ten, but I tried to get the ever so cool black and white photo of the kids' feet with the new baby. Hilarious. Your story brought back memories. Very, very funny. Just tonight I noticed my older three have mastered the "look at the camera and smile no matter what the baby is doing" talent. I'm quite proud of them. Though the other three are out of control. Sigh.

    Thanks for the great post!

  6. This is so real! I love the photos. That's the thing about perfection. It's not what we all think it is. Lisa~

  7. Love it...Todd Wilson would be so proud! The boys always love the pictures of us "goofing off" much more than the posed ones...and I kind of do too : )

  8. HA! I so feel your pain. You forgot to mention the passive aggressive one who always refuses to act like part of the family and will never, ever smile....oh, and doesn't wear socks.