Thursday, March 18, 2010

Josiah's 13.

Josiah turned 13 yesterday. I now have 3 teenagers in the house. Lucky for me I happen to really like teens, my own included. :) It's really neat to see them developing into their own people.

Since Eric was working all day yesterday, Josiah chose to celebrate today.

Joe's choices for meals have had me in the kitchen all day long. For breakfast he wanted Apple Fritters a la Pioneer Woman. I have never deep fried anything in my house except recently we made fried ice cream. And it made the house stink. So today I fired up the side burner on the grill and fried the fritters out on the front porch. No stink, and I got to enjoy my morning a bit. :)

For lunch he wanted summer sausage and cheese on artisan bread. It's really easy to make it, and we all enjoy eating it. Another hit.

For his "cake" he wanted to take chocolate chip cookie dough balls and roll them in melted chocolate. Yum. We will enjoy them for snack.

And for dinner this evening, he requested shrimp. For those who don't like shrimp, I will serve "squid". All will be satisfied.

And thus endeth Birthday Season 1 - where we celebrate 6 birthdays between Dec. 25 and March 17. Phew. I survived. But please don't look at the weight I've gained... I'm working on losing some before we hit Birthday Season 2 - 4 birthdays between July 2 and August 2. I'll start (again) tomorrow.

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