Friday, March 26, 2010

Moments in Time

You Capture is featuring "Moments" this week... and this is something so near to my heart. The whole reason I photograph my family is to capture the moments which would be lost in the mundane. And there is a lot of mundane.

But the difficulty I continuously have is showing that although we have some great moments... moments of glory... moments where we are close to touching heaven...

Where life is happy and you can practically hear the angels sing...

Most are closely followed by moments of sheer chaos. Crying. And melting down. By both the children and myself.

So the next time I show you the really fun photos of my adorable children... just remember it is JUST A MOMENT in time. And a few minutes later, everything probably fell apart. Like what happened right after these photos when I had 4 little ones ages 3 and under crying hysterically because it was time to go home for lunch.

And thankfully, that is a moment too.


  1. Love your pictures and your story behind it. Great Job !

  2. Precious! No matter what the moment is is precious. Lisa~

  3. >>big smile!<<
    great post-keeping it real. beautiful photos, beautiful moments!

    visiting from youcapture