Thursday, March 11, 2010


If you have noticed that the blog was quiet the last week, it is because I was watching a lot of sunrises instead of blogging. I'll post all about it this afternoon, hopefully.

Since quiet is not something I will usually get with 10 children running around all the time, I will tell you it was a WONDERFUL week at the beach... peaceful and full of great fellowship.

And You Capture's theme happens to be quiet this week, so go there to see other people's photos of quiet, peace-giving things.



  1. Holy Wow. I wouldn't imagine that you would get a lot of quiet with ten kids : ) What a pretty picture. LOVE it! Hope you enjoyed your quiet mornings!

  2. Ten children? Wow. I'll bet the quiet of the beach, however fleeting, was a welcome reprieve.

  3. How wonderful. I know you enjoyed the respite. You would enjoy my friend, Shona Cole's blog.
    She does cool things with her photos.

  4. That is an absolutely gorgeous picture of the water. I love being on the water and watching the sunrise or set. It is so beautiful!