Friday, April 23, 2010

Mercy's Update

We just got back from the appointments in Cincinnati for Mercy... anyone want to hear what happened?!

- Her heart is "FANTASTIC". That is a direct quote. She is off the lasix, and doesn't have to go back for 6 months.

- Her eye has worsened, but we will be getting a new lense in her glasses this week. She also needs to go back to patching her eye. This time this is harder as she knows more, and is less happy with me each day when I do it.

- We have a surgery date!!! May 27 we will be "de-bulking" the hemangioma and doing a laser surgery while she is sedated already. She will be in the hospital overnight, then released the next morning. There will be another surgery to "even out the skin tone" in the fall.

I am really ready to have this hemangioma, but am a little nervous about the surgery. I hate the thought of my little one hurting, even if I know she will do fine. But in general I am so very hopeful... not only does the tunnel have some light at the end of it, we are able to see the blue sky also!


  1. Oh that is so wonderful! May 27 will come up quickly. Thanks for the update. Lisa~

  2. Such good news! I will mark May 27 on the calendar to be praying. Can't wait to see how she looks after the surgery! I know it will be so nice not to have to go to the hospital so often!

  3. This is really great news! I also will mark May 27th on my calendar to be praying!


  4. great to hear that her heart is better!

    :( about her eyes.
    ask them if you can dilate her pupil instead of patching. That has worked for us. You use a ointment once a week and the pupil will stay dilated the entire week, forcing them to use the bad eye more.

    there is no way Elyse would have kept the patch on. it was too much of a struggle.