Monday, August 30, 2010


About a million years ago, it seems, although it has only been 20 in reality, I was a college age student spending my summers at a Christian retreat center in Manns Choice, Pennsylvania.

There was a group of us who were there every summer, and others who came in and out for a summer or two.

We were an incredibly close group of young people. Our time bonded us, even though many of us lost touch throughout the years.

A year or two ago, I joined Facebook. In the ensuing few months I re-connected with many of these people! It has been so amazing to see the different roads God has led us down, yet still so many of us are serving Him wholeheartedly!

(This photo above is of the springhouse, where 22 years ago I dedicated myself to live as a servant of God no matter where He called me, or what He called me to do. I could not have imagined I would be called to raise 10 children in the hills of Kentucky!)

Last month we decided to try to meet up at the old hotel again. Just for kicks. And it was such an incredible thing... to see my children playing where I used to play. To have a child I did not know walk by and smile, and suddenly KNOW who that child belonged to.

In our little group there are pastors, missionaries, military families, and moms and dads who have traveled all over the world, shining the light of Christ as they went.

God has blessed me greatly to have these friendships. I treasure them greatly.

(This last photo is a group photo of all of us and our families. The power of time invested in a small group of people, when mulitplied... from that original group of 15 or so are now over 100 followers of Christ. That is how evangelism and discipleship work.)

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  1. What a wonderful re-connect! FB really has helped in that area.
    I just LOVE the photo at the end. A super visual of how His love is to grow in our lives.