Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Update on Mercy- Oct. 2010

Anyone remember this photo?

Anyone want to see how she looks now? After 19 months on Propanalol, and one plastic surgery...

Mercy is looking great. We ask that you continue to pray for us as we are seeking wisdom in how far to go in our attempts to make Mercy's face "normal". She continues to ask us to pray that God makes her face look like the other little girls in church, which totally breaks my heart.

For those of you new to my blog, and who don't know the story about Mercy you can read background info right here and here.
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  1. She is so beautiful Miss Carri! SO beautiful. (I agree, however, the comment re: looking like the other little girls causes me to choke up) Kiss her wee head for me, would ya? (That will keep your germs to yourself!) :P

  2. She is and always has been a beautiful little girl!

  3. Totally gorgeous, and wonderful, and did I say gorgeous? Lisa~

  4. I am crying just hearing Mercy say that to you her Mommy. She is such an amazing child and you are an amazing family, we have felt blessed to know. We will continue to pray for Mercy! Cannot wait to see you when everyone gets well!! Renee K

  5. I am praising the Lord Jesus for His merciful intercession in your lives--little Mercy is indeed a living testament to His "mercies" which are NEW every morning! God's blessings abound to you, Carri, Eric and all of your "team Ott".

  6. She is beautiful. I was asking Eric about her when I talked to him. Then lo and behold a few months later here are updated pictures. What an amazing God we have.