Monday, November 8, 2010

Once again...

Once again I have let weeks go by with nothing real to say, nor the time to say it. In October I had only 4 days the entire month that I did not leave the house. So here is a quick summary of our month. I am sure you will agree that we should slow down a little!

- My washing machine died in mid-September. Took it to the repair place an hour north of us (only one that would work on it). It is STILL not fixed. Never buy Maytag. [The problem is getting the parts to get it repaired... not the repairman.]

- We are in week 11 of school. All caught up and actually LOVING what we are doing. For the most part. There are still some of them who would give up math so we could sell the books to give the money to missions, but other than that we are enjoying it.

- We had our town's bicentennial. I tried to post a slideshow, but couldn't. So just head HERE to see my photo album of it. 4 of the children were in the musical review, and had many practices, 5 shows, and a parade that weekend. It was a lot of fun!

- Starting Sept. 28 we were majorly busy... the 28th I took Mercy to Cincinnati (4 hours one way).

29th we went to Pizza Night at friend's house, 1 hour north of us...

30th we went an hour northwest of us to visit two sets of friends... one for lunch and one for dinner.

31st was church and our monthly fellowship... one hour from our house.

The first I was home,

the 2nd I took Anna and my wonderful mother in law who is now living close to us to Bowling Green (over an hour away) to celebrate Anna's birthday.

The third Eric took the two oldest kids to a church Bible study one hour away.

Thursday I had to run an hour north to pick up my supposedly fixed washer. Only to have it break with the first load. Have I mentioned not to buy a Maytag yet?

Friday we went to pizza night, and had our twice monthly co-op. There the kids get to participate in Chinese class (taught by a Taiwanese woman from our church), choir (taught by my favorite Humble Muse), Bible Study, and Chemistry experiments. Then we eat pizza and play games. It's so fun!

Saturday I met with some women for a wonderful time of fellowship, then Sunday we went to church, soccer and dinner at friend's.

What a blessing to have the opportunity to fellowship with so many people. I love our new church. The church family is so very, very sweet.

- I was kept awake one night by mice chewing in my room. Under a bookshelf. The next day our friends were giving away kittens. We now have two. Inside the house. This is big, y'all.

- I have been trying to learn to take better photographs. And I cannot manage to take anything worth posting if my life depended on it. Sigh. Nothing like trying to get better at something and realizing you really don't know a thing. LOL.

- My in-laws moved 1/2 an hour north of us. We are now building a new house next to them. Anyone want a house in Whoville? We are excited to have more space, to be closer to our church, and to send the little ones for preschool at Oma's house. I am sure you will be subject to many many photos as it is being raised.

- I got to meet MommaBug! What a lovely, delightful family she has. And they are crazy enough to rent a RV (why would "An RV" sound better even though it is grammatically incorrect?) to travel the northeast and see the fall colors. She still has her sanity even after it... LOL.

- We have had the most beautiful fall weather. We have been outside enjoying as much of it as possible. Between all the activities.

Here ends our boring update. Sorry. I do have a few posts floating in my head, but who knows if they will get written. Not much coherent stays in my head these days.


  1. I would go for "an RV".

    We came home from our trip with 2 kittens.

    My sanity is questionable at best.

    I know I had a wonderful time with YOU!

  2. Well that just about sums it up! LOL! Sorry about your washing machine. You seem much more patient about it than I think I would be.

    Looking forward to those other posts. :) Lisa~

  3. Wish we could be there to join in the business...we miss you all and the rest of friends in KY daily...the house more than daily...and had always hoped for a co-op...even talked to Stephanie about Chinese classes :) God has blessed you all and thankfully He has blessed us too...even if we do wish he had opened other doors...I will just live vicariously through the Petersonclan! Love ya'll!